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Waiting on Wednesday / Can’t Wait Wednesday

Can’t-Wait Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted here, at Wishful Endings, and my version is a mix of what I’m waiting to read, whether it’s a new release that is not out yet, or an older book on my TBR shelf, which I really want to read but haven’t got around to it yet.

Here’s my ‘Can’t wait to read’, book for this week:

Since I got this ready to post, I’ve actually got a copy of this and can tell you I’m thoroughly enjoying it so far! Merry, the lead protagonist, works so hard to be perfect, I was totally jealous of her housekeeping skills — until I read past the first chapter… haha!

I’m seeing mixed reviews. Is it me, or can you sometimes spot when the Brits are loving a book, but other nationalities are not?  Or vice versa. Do you think some books have more appeal to certain demographic areas, just because of the style they are written in? Or it there more to it?

Publishers certainly give different book covers to England and America!  (See below for this book’s variation).

You Were Made for This

by Michelle Sacks (Goodreads Author)
 3.58  ·   Rating details ·  114 Ratings  ·  72 Reviews
A bold, sharp, gripping debut about a couple whose perfect life in the Swedish countryside is not what it seems…


In an idyllic house in a Swedish wood, Merry and her husband are building their new dream life with their young baby, far away from events that overshadowed their old life in New York. And they’re happy, aren’t they? Blissfully, blissfully happy.

When Merry’s childhood friend Frances comes to stay, Frances barely recognises her old friend Merry, pureeing baby food, baking, living the Swedish dream. But little by little, cracks begin to show in her carefully constructed fairy tale. And Frances starts to see things others might miss. Dark and treacherous things.

And then a terrible tragedy unfolds…


About the Author

Michelle Sacks was born in Cape Town, South Africa.

She holds an MA in Literature and Film from the University of Cape Town, and was shortlisted twice for the HSBC/SA PEN Literary award. In 2014, her story All Them Savageswas shortlisted for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize.

Her debut collection Stone Baby: Stories was published in 2017, and her first novel You Were Made For This is due out in June 2018.

She currently lives in Switzerland.

What have you been wanting to read? 

Is this on your TBR or have you already read it? Let me know in the comments below!

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30 thoughts on “#YouWereMadeForThis Waiting on Wednesday / Can’t Wait Wednesday! #AuthorSpotlight on #AltRead #WOW #ReadThis @HQStories

    1. Oh, yes, that was news to me when I first found this book. 😉

    1. I definitely like the one with the ‘perfect’ girl on the front. 😉 Not sure I understand the bowl of cherries…

  1. This sounds really good!
    It’s always so interesting seeing the different covers for different countries. I definitely like the first one best for this one. It catches my attention more than the bowl of cherries.

    1. Thanks, Ashley! Yes, the cherries are kind of attractive, but I just don’t get how they show off the book at its best. I love the other cover though. She looks very prim and proper, too much in fact! I do like comparing covers! 😉

  2. Those are interesting covers! I am definitely intrigued by the synopsis. Enjoy! 🙂

  3. Wow those covers are VERY different! And this one sounds good and creepy. 🙂 I love the sound of “dark and treacherous things”…

  4. Sorry for the late comment back…..LIFE intervened! 🙁

    Anyway……this book sound a little too disturbing to me, to be honest. I’m just a BIG CHICKEN, so I can’t read horror novels, or thrillers, either. (Exception: I recently read “Dread Nation”, by Justina Ireland, which had zombies in it, but it was really more of a “horror lite” novel. Lol.

    Hope you really enjoy this one! And thanks for commenting on my CWW post!! Cheers!! ,3 <3 🙂 🙂

    1. Hey, that’s fine, thank you for taking the time to pop over! lol A ‘big chicken’, I’ll have to look out for the Zombie book, I love zombies!

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