YA BOOK EXCERPT: New release news on behalf of my friend, Ellie Walker

My friend, Ellie Walker, has a new release. Unfortunately, she’s stuck in the hospital after surgery on her leg, and is unable to access a computer. Here is a bit about The Taniwha, her latest YA novel.

Happy reading!

TITLE: The Taniwha
AUTHOR: Ellie Walker
GENRE: YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy
PUBLISHER: Eternal Press
ISBN: 978-1-60435-077-7


Deep beneath the earth a monster is disturbed, while above ground Alice’s’ dream catcher no longer works. Evil has again come to Punui Bay, in the form of a revenge-seeking shape-shifter who works to free the monster. If Alice and Riva fail to find the Guardians and keep them
safe, all mankind will be enslaved. As the earth shakes and the sea
rises, can they find the strength to band together and survive the

BUY LINK http://www.eternalpress.ca/thetaniwha.html


She was aware if she was found searching his belongings, she could be in trouble again. To try and explain she was looking for information about the Guardians would probably make everyone laugh. She was sure they’d tell her there was no such thing. But she knew differently.

Riva hurried along the passages. She would have to take whatever action was needed, because the others were too scared. When she reached Waimate’s chamber and pulled the door coverings apart, she held her breath, but there seemed to be no sense of his presence. She lit the lamp and was surprised to see how austere it was. It felt as if he’d never been here.

She wandered around, examining his few possessions with interest. Two large chests sat in the far corner, but they were locked. The last time she’d seen Waimate, a bunch of keys had still hung from his belt. So unless the Lords sent the keys back the locks would have to be broken.

Riva wondered how many years he’d dwelt within these walls, surrounded by such emptiness. It was a large space for one person; even for two. But being a leader would have given him a privilege. Beautiful old tapestries hung on the far wall, depicting tales of earlier times and the strange creatures who once roamed the world. It was the only thing to relieve the starkness of the rock walls.

When one of the tapestries rippled, Riva became curious. It was almost as if a breeze had scurried through, but she hadn’t felt anything. She placed a hand on the moving tapestry and felt no danger, so carefully drew it back; surprised to find it hid an opening to another smaller

Without hesitating Riva entered the hidden area. Her eyes were instantly drawn toward a dark pool set into the centre of the rocky floor. Rocks, worn smooth by constant use over the years, surrounded the still, dark water.

Crystals of every hue, and small, carved, bone and rock containers were set on ledges around the walls. An eerie and unnatural light emanated from the crystals, dispelling the gloom. Riva walked towards the walls and examined some of the containers. They seemed harmless until she picked up one made of deep purple rock, so dark it was almost black. It felt evil and she quickly placed it back on the shelf, having no desire to attract disaster. Why look for it in a jar when lately it seemed to be catching up to her without any help?

Drawn back to the pool, Riva knelt beside it. Another cool breeze swirled around her exposed skin and it felt as if gentle fingers had caressed her face.

“Be aware of what you might see and remember its message well.” A voice echoed in her mind. Startled, she looked around, but nobody was there. Riva reached down and touched the water, and watched as oily ripples fanned out where her fingers had broached the surface.

As the water stilled, an image began to form beneath the surface. She watched as it appeared to slowly uncoil itself, and turned into a dark form. When a red eye opened and gleamed through the water, Riva jumped back with fright. She shivered with fear when the eye appeared to follow her movements.

“What and who are you?” she gasped, numb with fear but unable to move back as the mouth slowly opened.

Large sharp teeth were exposed as the creature spoke into her mind again. “I have a message,” its voice hissed and Riva shuddered, as even more of the needle slim teeth were exposed. “Tangaroa, Guardian of the seas, bids me warn you, the Taniwha has been woken. It stirs within the ground. Seek the Guardians of the Land before it is too late.”


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