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Freya’s Bower http://www.freyasbower.com/would like to congratulate Canice Brown-Porter for her fabulous review and J. Emberglass, Jamie Hill, Alyce Brown, and K.M. Frontain for their new releases.

The Goblin, the Witch, and the Single Girl
http://www.freyasbower.com/content/view/128/80/ by Canice

“a quirky tale, filled with plenty of humor…a short fun read to escape
with for a while…”

4 Clovers from reviewer, Kelley A. Hartsell
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Rating: Sweet
Book Length: Novella
Price: $4.75
Genre: Paranormal/Contemporary

Read excerpt http://www.freyasbower.com/excerpts/goblin.html

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Edge of Sanity: Book 2 http://www.freyasbower.com/content/view/244/86/
by Jamie Hill

Detective Jake Gilford is skeptical when he hears Joss Wheeler say she believes her newly inherited house is haunted. He’s a man of facts and hard evidence, and ghosts aren’t on his radar screen. He’s also a man, and Joss is a beautiful, if somewhat nutty, woman. Won over by her charms, he promises to stay and help her unravel the mystery of the house–or whatever else she has that might need unraveling…

Rating: Tangy
Book Length: Chapter Book
Price: $1.75
Genre: F/F/Paranormal/Contemporary

Read excerpt http://www.freyasbower.com/excerpts/edge2.html

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Bedevilled: Book 3 http://www.freyasbower.com/content/view/248/86/ by
J. Emberglass

Dean Wellern works in a warehouse. His life is just like any average
Joe’s until the Friday night a freaky looking man follows him half way
home. Spooked, Dean bumps into a well-dressed man who “invites” Dean to dinner and can read his thoughts. Plagued by erotic, frightening images of intertwined red-eyed men and women in the throes of ecstasy, Dean rushes home only to have one bizarre incident after another happen. When a court summons delivered by the largest man he has ever seen arrives, Dean knows something is seriously wrong. But what happens next will force him to walk a road less traveled.

Rating: Spicy
Book Length: Chapter Book
Price: $1.75
Genre: M/M/M/F/Fantasy/Paranormal/Contemporary

Read excerpt http://www.freyasbower.com/excerpts/bedevilled3.html .

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Loved Him to Death: Omos of the Ether

by K.M. Frontain

A millennium ago, Omos of the Ether chained his only living child to an island whose culture viewed the boy as a gift of divine protection…and convenient slave labour. Intana is now free, but he has been missing for a century. In an effort to find him, Haru Sachoné seeks the aid of the demigod’s father and signs a contract of “usage” to secure the ether dragon’s assistance.

Omos thinks he’s won the latest victory in the long war with Vaal of the Depths: the uncontested right to use Vaal’s favoured paramour as his bedmate. But the ether dragon is about to discover that Haru has sharper teeth than his divine lover.

This is the second of the series Loved Him to Death.

Rating: Beyond Sizzling
Book Length: Novel
Price: $5.75
Genre: M/M/Fantasy

Read excerpt http://www.freyasbower.com/excerpts/lovedhim2.html .

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Congratulations, Canice, Jamie, Alyce, K.M., and J!


Marci Baun
Freya’s Bower


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