X RATED BOOK EXCERPT: Target of Deception, by Jennifer Cole


Around midnight Alexis woke with a kink in her neck and an ache in her lower back. Unable to work it out with a simple stretch, she wiggled her way down to the open flap and quietly crawled out of the tent.

Listening one last time to her three softly snoring tent mates, she headed into the house.
Inside the kitchen Alexis fumbled in the fridge for a juice box. As she turned around, she squeaked, nearly jumping out of her skin when she saw Adrien’s large, silhouetted figure standing in front of her. The only light shining in the tiny kitchen was from a dim bulb in the hood light above the stove.

“Oh Christ, Adrien, you scared the hell out of me!” She quietly blurted and rubbed her hand across the thumping heart, pounding inside her chest. “I didn’t hear you come in.”
“Sorry I startled you.”
“You don’t look sorry, Officer,” she said with a smile as she noticed his smug look.
Her sex flooded with dampness. Mmmm, he looked delicious.
“I’ve got a kink in my neck. I can’t spend the rest of the night sleeping on the ground,” Alexis groaned twisting her head from side to side, trying to get her mind off his perfect, masculine form.

“Let me work that out for you.” Before she could protest Adrien’s hands wrapped around the back of her neck pulling her against him, gently massaging her stiff neck and tight shoulders.
Alexis felt herself instantly relax under his ministrations, her eyes closed and she melted against his broad chest.
“Feel good?” he whispered against her ear.
“Mmm-mmm,” she moaned.

Alexis rolled her head enjoying the erotic sensations that overwhelmed her. Her nipples pressed against her tank top and his chest and moisture soaked the crotch of her pj pants.
She shivered as Adrien’s hands moved down her back, sliding underneath her top against her bare back. His touch was like fire as his hands stroked the length of her back. Alexis moaned and gripped the strong arms that wrapped around her. She looked up into his face and gasped…breath caught in her throat.

His dark hair was tousled from sleep, his lids heavy and eyes flickering with heat, desire, need.
She had to taste him again.
Unable to control herself, Alexis placed her hands on either side of his stubbly cheeks and pulled Adrien’s mouth to hers in a passionate kiss. She pushed her tongue into his mouth to mate with his, exploring his warmth, nipping roughly at his lower lip.
Adrien growled into her warm mouth and sucked her plump tongue back into his own.

“Oh, Alexis,” he whispered against her parted lips.
She needed to feel him love her, touch her, consume her.
“Adrien…make love to me,” she said softly.
Adrien pulled back slightly, his breath harsh as he eyed her closely. A single tear rolled down her soft cheek. He too wanted this, needed this.
“It’ll be my pleasure,” his voice wavered with need.

Jennifer www.freewebs.com/jennifericole

Target of Deception – November 15, 2007 Dark Eden Press
A Delicious Taboo – January 15, 2008 Dark Eden Press
At the Dungeon Master’s Hand – March 1, 2008 Dark Eden Press

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