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“Of course, the hottest day of the summer,” Rachel took a sip of her beer leaning back into Ben’s chest.  Within the course of the conversation Rachel and Ben had become wrapped up within each other as she shifted from his leg to between his legs sharing the edge of the bar stool with him. Her back against his chest, his right arm on the bar and his left resting comfortably along her hip and waist. He hadn’t noticed until she turned to grab her cigarettes off the bar and the warmth that had encompassed him was gone and she was taking his hand pulling him off the stool.
    Waving the pack of cigarettes playfully in front of him, she smiled and he followed her out to the parking lot.
    “Fresh air…” she said twirling around in delight, she precariously lost her footing and he reached out catching her against him. 
    “Whoa, slow down, Ginger,” he said as she laughed against him.
    “You,” she said pointing at him playfully, “haven’t changed.”
    “And that is a bad thing,” he said with a smile handing her a lit cigarette.
    “I didn’t say that,” she replied taking a drag shifting her weight to lean against the wall of the building.
    “And you have?”
    “I don’t know, what do you think?”
    “I think we’ve all changed.”
    “That is an easy excuse.”
    “It’s not an excuse, it’s reality.”
    “Yeah well…reality sucks.”
     “So what are we going to do about it then?”
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