WRITING COMPETITION: The Ralph Williams Prize for Speculative Fiction


$50 ENTRY FEE (A lot, but high value prizes)
Complete short stories, written in English, fitting into the broad category of speculative fiction. Deadline May 1, 2008.

GRAND PRIZE: $5,000 ($4,000 in addition to $1,000 first place prize = $5,000). 25-page limit.

a) Science Fiction: $1,000 prize.
Must have some integral element of a scientific nature.

b) Fantasy $1,000 prize. Any departure from generally accepted limits of present or past reality.

c) Humor or Horror $1,000 prize. Any speculative fiction grounded in humor or horror.

d) Alaskana $1,000 prize.
Any speculative fiction with an Alaskan theme or integrated setting. Merely placing the story in Anchorage, if the setting is not integral to the story, will not qualify the entry as Alaskana. Some unique aspect of life in Alaska must be an integral element of story.

e) Young adult $1,000 prize
Speculative fiction, which might otherwise fall into any of the above categories, written for and appealing particularly to an audience from upper elementary through high-school level.

Do check out the website and their full T&C’s by clicking on the title link above.


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