#WRITERS WEDNESDAY : 5 Tweet Tips to Make A Writer’s Wednesday!

New group!

1. Shout out about your favourite talented authors (using only 140 characters) by giving them a mention every Wednesday over at Twitter.com during the spectacular author celebration called Writer Wednesday. I think the name speaks for itself. Really.

2. Make it personal! You can’t get enough of these authors, right? You live, sleep and breathe each word they publish, yeah? So don’t lump them in with every Tom, Dick and Harry, make them stand out in your Tweets. They are special and deserve to be treated as such. It’s far more eye-catching and means so much more…

3. Make your mentions (Tweets) clear to find by using the following hash tag with your Tweet: #WriterWednesday (Not #ww – as this can be confused with so many other things. Wordless Wednesday/Weight Watchers/West Wood Fans/Wedding Wednesday, for example). Honestly, it’s a minefield out there. You never know who you might end up following or what you might sign up for!

4. Sounds like too much hard work? Too many awesome authors and writers to remember? Losing a few of the old grey cells? Don’t rely on your memory. If you are anything like me, that’s just asking for trouble, so what’s the answer? Make a list. My #1 favourite pastime! (Yeah, I’m a list maniac and I’m sure there is a name for people like me out there somewhere. Maybe even a self-help group). Just remember point 2 – keep it up close and personal. Be prepared and earn some brownie points.

5. Don’t forget to check out your replies in mentions and ReTweets (RT’s) on your Twitter home page. Nurture your Twitter buddies. And if you remember nothing else, remember this: It takes two to share the TWEET LURVVV! (At least!)

Go forth and spread the written word.

Jedi Sassy is the chief honcho/owner of alternative-read.com, based in Cambridgeshire, UK. When not blogging, running the review and promo site, making nifty (award winning) book trailers and getting down and dirty amongst the Photoshop paints, she should be sleeping. This curious creature is often found (in her Star Wars themed office) making lists, goal setting and sniffing books for pleasure. A creative soul always on the look out for new ways to promote ‘her’ awesome affiliate authors in her own sassy way. Adores social media marketing (SMM) especially via Facebook (profile & fanpage ) and Twitter @Sassy_Brit. Nocturnal by nature with an entrepreneur’s mindset. Married. One sprightly teenager. (That’s a joke!) Two hairy hounds. Two gerbils. And one small fish in a large tank, which takes up a lot of space that she swears must be the oldest fish alive. Roach the Loach sleeps with his eyes open for a reason.

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