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Write Yourself Happy: The Art of Positive Journalling

The research confirms it: Writing heals.

Psychologists tell us that writing helps us cope with and recover from depression, anxiety, job loss and even heartbreak. Exciting new research shows that we can flourish further by actively choosing to write about positive emotions.

Journaling is a hot trend – for personal expression, creativity, self-actualisation and goalsetting. In Write Yourself Happy, author Megan Hayes shows us how, using positive journaling, we can journal more consciously, writing in a way that engages and promotes our most supportive and life-affirming emotions.

This practical, journal-style workbook demonstrates how to put eight of the most commonly experienced positive emotions – joy, gratitude, serenity, interest, hope, pride, awe and love – to work, helping us not simply to feel better, but to live better.

Based on groundbreaking research in positive psychology, and backed up by extensive scientific studies, the book includes practical exercises and case studies to inspire readers to shift their focus, use different words, see the world in a subtly different way – and discover how things go right when we write.


Write Yourself Happy: The Art of Positive JournallingWrite Yourself Happy: The Art of Positive Journalling by Megan C Hayes

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With the book Write Yourself Happy: The Art of Positive Journalling, Megan C. Hayes reveals just how we can use practical and scientifically proven methods to increase our happiness through journalling. She’s an academic in Positive Psychology and Creative Writing, and that shows via her knowledge and understanding in this well-written and enlightening book.

I enjoy the process of writing and feel like I am quite a creative person. I’ve read many books like this, and ‘Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron and the companion workbook , are just two of them, so I was really happy to learn about this, and keen to read it myself.

The first thing I cannot help but tell you is how the cover has been printed in a way that is is raised in some places, making it very tactile. And yes, I can’t help touching it! The second thing I noticed, before I even began to read it, was how the pages inside are as colourful as the front cover, and filled with the same pastel shades within.

I found it quite amazing how we can use diary writing to discover more about ourselves, overcome difficulties and experience a positive way to reflect on our lives through both good and bad times. It makes sense, when you think about it, how talking to someone about problems can help, so why not express yourself in the form of writing? And this is just what this book encourages you to do in a way that we can reflect on our writing to positively assess our day. It’s not about bigging yourself up and writing only positive things, it’s about really letting go and understanding the psychology behind the case studies and ‘take-away’ lessons to practice for yourself.

Megan has an encouraging, reassuring and uplifting tone, and I really enjoy reading about the psychological and beneficial aspects of journalling. The author uses eight of our most commonly experienced and life-affirming emotions to journal about; joy, gratitude, serenity, interest, hope, pride awe and love. Now some of these may sound a bit new-agey and put some of you off, but it’s set out in a down-to-earth way, that I found very inspiring and not preachy at all.

To conclude, I’d like to explain that writing this way is like reading an engrossing book. When you’re totally immersed it’s like you can actually feel the emotions, experiences and senses of your character. In the same way, writing down evokes similar sensations, memories, smells and feelings. It’s no wonder this positive journalling is a scientifically proven way to support our wellbeing, through personal expression and creativity.

Write Yourself Happy is a thoroughly researched, empowering, positive read.

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  1. I know so many people that journal and swear by it. I tried, but could not stick to it. At my age now, I don’t think it is something that I would do. Nice review of this book though, it will appeal to many I am sure.

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