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From the desk of  Devon Layne

My Writing Routine :

by Devon Layne
Website: : http://www.devonlayne.com

I wake up between five and six a.m. As soon as I’ve made coffee, I check email and Facebook, then commence my writing for the day. I have several writing buddies and we tend to encourage each other by writing in a focused manner for an hour and then taking a break. My commitment to myself this year was to write 1644 words per day for a total of 600,000 for the year. I am exactly on track. I’ve written six full books and several shorter works.

My desktop is a little different than others. I live in a small travel trailer and there is no room for a desk. I have a recliner that sits in front of my picture window and a lap desk. There are a few other things I have hanging around. A few hundred 3×5 index cards with plot points for my next story. A bulletin board that I tack them to when I’m organizing myself. A very large thermos of coffee.

I enjoy writing in a wide variety of genres and subgenres ranging from literary and literary erotica to coming of age to utter fluff. My free stories have been downloaded 3.5 million times and I’m happy to say some of those people have also bought my books!

I don’t write for a living. I write to live.


Behind the Ivory Veil by Devon Layne

1955 The Great Stone Circle and The City of the Gods
Doc discovers a path to the legendary City of the Gods, their abandoned home on Mount Olympus. He enlists musicologist Wesley Allen to return and interpret the strange musical notations at the site.
Wesley’s fiancée, Rebecca, goes to the University of Edinburgh to complete her thesis on matriarchal thealogy. She meets Mrs. Weed and is initiated into the ancient Coven Carles. But Doc’s one-time protégé, ‘The Blade’, dogs Rebecca’s footsteps, attempting to locate Doc’s dig. His intent: to find and claim the lost goddess hidden behind the ivory veil.
Myth, magic, and mayhem nearly destroy the coven and place an impenetrable curtain between Rebecca and Wesley.

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I write adult romance and adventure featuring loving relationships and characters.

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  1. fuonlyknew – Voracious reader and love to do reviews. Will review yours! Love Doritos and chocolate. A fan of furry friends. I'm afraid of things that go bump in the night! I do reviews at request when time allows. Prefer print versions but also will do ebooks. If I can stand to let them go, I use some print review copies for giveaways.. Also like doing ARC reviews to promote authors and their books. I encourage authors to comment. My reviews are posted on my blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari, Smashwords and Barnes&Noble.
    fuonlyknew says:

    I always enjoy reading about how an author writes their stories and where they find inspiration. Thanks for sharing. And that cover is gorgeous!

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