WOYDW: What’s on your BOAT, Wednesday? Lara Nance Rocks the Boat!



 What’s on your desk, Lara Nance?
First of all, I live on a boat, so space is very tight. This is not a desk, it’s the table normal people would use to eat on. But since it’s always covered with my writing tools, it’s become my desk.
There’s my computer – necessary for writing of course, My external hard drive containing files from the past four computers I’ve owned that crashed. My I-Pad, good for lot’s of things like playing games when I take a break from writing. Book Two of the steampunk trilogy, Rescue from the Baron – important because I can’t remember my own character’s names and other important happenings and have to look them up while I’m writing the third book. #lame or #Alzheimer’s. Wine glass – no need to explain. Dog treats – for our doggie overlord, Rio. Christmas flowers and card from my hubby – necessary love to keep the writing engine going. Above the flowers is my marketing and publishing calendar for 2013 taped to the mast. Last but not least is my noise cancelling headphones and I-Pod to use when my hubby is watching television, which is pretty much anytime he’s home.

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