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What’s on your desk, Wednesday? Weekly Spotlight Feature!

In the spirit of looking back, I thought I’d share some of the highlights of our ‘What’s on your desk, Wednesday?’ feature.

Kind authors have taken the challenge and photographed their desks (or writing spaces), so we can see where they create their masterpieces!  In addition, we’ve also asked them to describe their writing routines.

Here are some of the answers we received:

See Where Kelli A. Wilkins Writes! @KWilkinsauthor 

Lara Nance Rocks the Boat!

Anthony Stevens Shares All @MstrTonyStevens

What’s James Morris Sharing? @JMorrisWriter

Sascha Illyvich Takes the Plunge!   @saschaillyvich

James Cudney Watches Glass Shatter! @jamescudney4

Who is this Jack Strange?   @jackstrange11

Who Sits at a Desk Like This?  @aroslav1

Check out this neatness! @KhaledTalib #WednesdayWisdom


So, what’s the news about #StormEleanor

Here’s mine:  (rolls eyes!)

I’m interested to find out how this goes – RIP James :

And on a slightly funnier note:

If you’d like to be featured on our #WOYDW SPOTLIGHT for free this year, (or any year lol) let us know!

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