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This week I am pleased to allow you to snoop through author
Jael Gates’ desk!
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            This is the desk of Jael Gates aka Jocelyn Michel.  Yeah, I surround my work area with what inspires me. Since my genre is paranormal erotica, I have photos of vampires and shapeshifters on my walls.  Some of them are a little young for my subject matter, but their worlds are amazing, and I want to create stories that are as rich in detail. I think a hero is a hero, no matter his age.  It’s their weaknesses as much as their courage that lures us in and keeps us.  Besides, I also write young adult paranormal romances under another name, which I’ll keep secret here.  Don’t want to confuse my teen readers. That’s why Harry and Ginny look down on me.  Their classic love story touches my romantic heart every time I reread a Harry Potter or see one of the movies.
            Music also inspires me as I write, but only if there aren’t lyrics. If there are, I forget what I’m supposed to be doing and sing at the top of my lungs or even dance. So I stick to movie scores when I’m creating.  Favorites are: The Village, Peter Pan, Kingdom of Heaven, Robin Hood, and Blood Diamond.
            My Assassins in Lace series, written under the pen name Jocelyn Michel and published by Changeling Press (www.changelingpress.com), definitely sprang from my love of the paranormal.  So far two of the four stories are out.  These are short sexy reads with a hint of humor.  Impressions, the first book, is about vampire Chantel Mathis, an assassin who always gets her wolf.  She’s posing as an interior decorator applying for a position.  Her interviewer and mark is Ren Aubrey, the delectable CEO and owner.  Though Ren plays the role of savvy businessman to perfection, Chantel knows he’s really a deadly assassin. What she doesn’t know is that this sexy wolf is onto her. 
            The second in the series is Scents, in which vamp Sasha St. Claire runs a fragrance industry by day and stalks werewolves by night.  Tripp Stefano, a wolf notorious for how many vampires he’s killed, has been particularly hard to snuff.  Sasha has no idea that sexy Tripp actually works as a handyman in her company’s maintenance department.  And the first step to taking her down is sabotaging every gizmo she owns so she’ll open up her penthouse office suite to him.
            The last two offerings, Blackout and Inferno, will be out later this year.  I don’t know if I’ll write more, but I’m thinking I will.  They’re so much fun!  Check out my website for other reads: www.eroswithfangs.com.
            Thanks, Sassy Brit, for letting me share.   

Available now:
Needy from Sugar and Spice Press
Assassins in Lace from Changeling Press
#1 Impressions
#2 Scents

Coming this summer:
Phoenix Burning from Ravenous Romances

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