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I’m totally consumed by this non-fiction November and as you can probably tell! I’ve now made it my mission to go through all of my backlog before the month is up. Damn Amazon. Most of these I’ve reviewed before but they disappeared and now I’m adding them to Goodreads and here on my blog, for good measure so I know they’ve been done. I now keep copies of my reviews too.


Wordpress for DummiesWordPress for Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Are you a dummy? Will you be needing this?

WordPress For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech)) is a fairly big book and the 8th edition of all things WordPress. Now I’ve used WordPress for a short while after spending years over at Blogger (yep, it was a difficult decision, but one I’m glad I made). WordPress has got a lot of extra, really cool features for bloggers, although I would not say it’s a blogging site for everyone as I think the UI is not as easy, and some technical ability is required, hence this book.

I’m no expert, but you’ll be surprised at just how much technical ability to learn just by blogging for years, so the change my not be that difficult for you.

So what if you’re already there? Well, if you are new to WordPress this is an invaluable tool, as it covers all the basics including how to customise the default templates, Twenty- (seventeen, or eighteen etc) and it really does give you a good grounding of where to start if you are a complete novice. There’s also information about widgets, plugins, themes and customisation.

The latter can get a little more complicated and this is where I enjoyed this book even more, as it also teaches you a little bit of code required, covering tag values, PHP functions, style sheets, query string parameters and CSS basics. Some of this goes way over my head, but there are bits here and there I’ve picked up and I’m currently using, that I wasn’t before.

Good clean technical fun. Only three stars because “I liked it” – not anything necessarily wrong with it, it’s just this sort of book doesn’t get me over excited!


Not included in my review – I just noticed the new feature – a brand new editor has been rolled out by WordPress, so I tried it and quickly rolled back to the old one… haha! I know change is good, but I don’t need these blocks they keep harping on about. It all looks so clunky. Instantly I’m going “I don’t like this at all, no I don’t like it one little bit!”  I’m hoping that when it’s got past the beta stage and all the errors have been ironed out (with a large mallet) that I will eventually learn to love it, but right now it’s not looking good…

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