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Without a Word

 3.86  ·   Rating details ·  246 Ratings  ·  30 Reviews
I was there when it happened. I watched her disappear.

An emotional psychological drama from the author of the critically acclaimed novel What She Never Told Me.

Lillian had phoned telling her to get Skype up and running. ‘I have so much to tell you’. Lillian was wearing a white bathrobe and she was in for the evening. Then, suddenly, the knock on the door. ‘Sorry Orla, I’d better see who it is’ she said, getting up from the sofa. Orla waited. But the seconds became minutes. She didn’t know how long she waited before she realised that something terrible had happened.

For more than a decade, Lillian’s mysterious disappearance has remained unsolved, and Orla has found it impossible to move on. Then she receives an unexpected visit from Ned Moynihan, the Dublin detective who led the original investigation into Lillian’s vanishing. Moynihan has been receiving anonymous notes accusing him of having failed to investigate the case properly. He assumes the notes are coming from Orla. Yet Orla knows nothing of these letters – is somebody trying to tell them the truth about what really happened to Lillian that night?



Without a WordWithout a Word by Kate McQuaile

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s a bit of a mini review as I have so many to get through…

Without A Word 
by Kate McQuaile is an exciting thriller which starts with two girls talking to each other over the Internet, Skyping. Imagine the scene, you’re chatting away, the doorbell rings and your friend says she’ll just answer it quickly and then come straight back. Only she never comes back and that’s the last you hear of her… and then the house goes up in flames and you don’t know if she’s in it or not.

To me that’s a great basis for a murder, mystery, psychological thriller and I read it fast and furiously – enjoying every minute of this mystery. I couldn’t put it down until I’d finished it – all 368 pages of it!

It is indeed a fast-paced, twisty tale, and it totally absorbed a few hours of my time as I joined Orla and her hunt for clues to Lillian’s whereabouts. Did she survive the fire, or was she taken? Surely, she wouldn’t have any reason to go into hiding, and not tell her best friend Orla. Would she?

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