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It began in 2007…

Video (YouTube) :

I know, I  can hardly believe it myself! 2007! Back in the day when I used Blogger to post about my love of books. (I’m still there, too. Reluctant to delete all those memories!)

Sadly, the age of my video above is why the video quality is not so good now, but I think it’s still fun to watch – if you can get past the squinting and blurriness, or is that just me and my age?

I should make a new video, but if you look closely it has my son mucking around in it, and he looks so young!  Great memories, all round.

Back to 2017 – The Idea Behind the Meme

The idea of #WhatsOnYouDeskWednesday is that authors (book bloggers and readers) can send a picture of their desk along with a brief description of their writing routine as a way of promoting their WIP, current books, blogs and websites.

The DARE is that you DO NOT TIDY IT FIRST!

Fancy having a go? Send your picture and writing routine to or fill out this short form, so I have all the details I need to promote you.

Do make the most of this free book promo. My readers love to see where you are writing your latest books, reviews and blog posts. Authors, you never know, it could be where you write your bestseller!

Hope to hear from you soon.

From the desk of Sassy Brit 🙂

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Here are a few examples of past desks we’ve been able to snoop around…

From the Desk of …

Anthony Stevens

S. N Lemoing

C. E. Long

We even had a “What’s on your boat, Wednesday?”

Lara Nance

Plus, many, many more!

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