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What’s on your desk, Wednesday? Weekly Spotlight Feature!

From the desk of  Tom Williams


My Writing Routine

by Tom Williams

I don’t really have a routine. It depends a lot on where I am in writing a book. At the beginning I will be doing a lot of research – some of it online, some of it with old-fashioned books and some of it involving research trips like the one I made to the Andes. Then comes the actual writing, which I do at an old-fashioned PC on my desk. I’m a lazy writer and edit as I go, so I write slowly with a loss of pauses to look out of the window.

Nowadays all writers have to spend time promoting their books on social media. I blog about once a week and there are Facebook and Twitter as well. When I have a new book out I spend more time on this and much less time doing any actual book writing. Endeavour are just republishing all my books, so progress on the next one is really slow at the moment.

Website https://thewhiterajah.blogspot.co.uk/


Burke in the Land of Silver (His Majesty’s Confidential Agent #1)

by Tom Williams (Goodreads Author)
 4.08  ·   Rating details ·  12 Ratings  ·  Reviews
James Burke never set out to be a spy. But with Napoleon rampaging through Europe, the War Office needs agents and Burke isn’t given a choice. It’s no business for a gentleman, and disguising himself as a Buenos Aires leather merchant is a new low. His mission, though, means fighting alongside men who see the collapse of the old order giving them a chance to break free of Spanish colonial rule. He falls in love with the country – and with the beautiful Ana. Burke wants both to forward British interests and to free Argentina from Spain. But his new found selflessness comes up against the realities of international politics. When the British invade, his attempts to parley between the rebels and their new rulers leave everybody suspicious of him. Despised by the British, imprisoned by the Spanish and with Ana leaving him for the rebel leader, it takes all Burke’s resolve and cunning to escape. Only after adventuring through the throne rooms and bedrooms of the Spanish court will he finally come back to Buenos Aires, to see Ana again and avenge himself on the man who betrayed him.

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Order your copy here:

Amazon UK or Simon and Schuster

About the Author

I have been writing about boring things like insurance for most of my adult life, but a trip to Borneo eventually resulted in a novel: ‘The White Rajah’. This told the story of James Brooke of Sarawak, seen through the eyes of his (fictional) lover, John Williamson. One thing led to another and I found myself writing another novel, following John Williamson’s adventures after he left Borneo. The result was ‘Cawnpore’. Historical novels have now become something of a habit and I’m now finishing another book, this time set in Argentina around the time of the Napoleonic wars.

I live in London and when I am not writing, I enjoy skiing, skating, and dancing tango, preferably in Buenos Aires. In between, I have exciting conversations with my bank manager about how this is to be financed. He says he will be very grateful if you bought my books

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