What’s on your desk, Wednesday? Tara Fox Hall? with IMMORTAL RECKONING #BookBlitz +INTL Giveaway!


What’s on your desk, Wednesday, Tara Fox Hall?

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I have to ask…What is interesting about seeing my work area? Why am I asking? Because I don’t have a desk I write at. If you want to see a picture, you’re going to get a picture of my dining room table, or my office at my day job, if I get really desperate.

What’s your writing routine?

My writing routine is simple: write when I have spare time, which anymore is almost never. The only days I manage to write are those in which I make myself sit at the computer (like today) and do some writing before anything else. I don’t have any kind of word goal, and I likely wouldn’t make it if I did. Usually, this plan gets me about 3-4 pages of good writing, sometimes as much as 10, if I’m inspired, and don’t have to stop ½ way through the day to go do something else, which is maybe 1-2 days in a month. I have seen many blogs where authors talk about how they listen to music, or sip tea, or snack on certain food, or work at a certain time of day. I don’t do any of those things. I prefer it quiet, and am usually prone to yelling at my dogs as they whine for me to hurry up, or the kittens as they wreck the house playing with one another.

Do I still like to write? Yes…I still do. Maybe if I got a desk that was just for writing, I’d be golden. What do you think?

SB: Thank you, Tara!! 

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Tara Fox Hall
Immortal Reckoning
Series: Promise Me Series Book 18 (Origin Story)
Genre: Paranormal, Historical Fiction, Suspense, Romance
Publisher: Melange Books
Publication Date: February 27, 2018
Through the love and loss of the ages, immortality brings only one certainty: vengeance.
Disinherited and poverty stricken, bastard Danial clutches at the slim chance to earn a living as a guard, until a night attack leaves both him and his half-brother Devlin vampires. After finding true love with the aristocrat Lacey, Danial comes to the attention of James, the devious Vampire Lord of France. Enslaved by James, his love murdered, Danial plots to escape, his complex plan of years finally succeeding only to result in all of Europe’s demonic forces on the hunt for him.
After a reunion and subsequent falling out with Devlin, Danial travels to the new world of America in pursuit of a new life. Settling in the west, Danial forms alliances with native vampire Valerian and the witch Cheyenne to survive a game of cat and mouse with Devlin and protect his new love Kathryn amid his rapidly changing world. Triumphant yet nursing a broken heart, an undeterred Danial protects his friends and thwarts his enemies, determined to find a life of peace…until unexpected news comes of James’s presence, the one man on whom Danial has waited centuries to get revenge.
About the Series: In the Promise Me series, Sarelle, a mortal woman, encounters a wounded (and sexy and handsome) vampire, Danial. Without knowing who he really is (a murderer for hire, for one), Sarelle begins a romantic relationship with him a little too fast. Interestingly, Sarelle also finds herself attracted to Danial’s best friend, the werecougar, Theo. What will happen to Sarelle’s relationship with Danial? Where does Theo fit in? Amidst new obstacles and relationship problems, Sarelle has to decide where her future lies.


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About Tara Fox Hall

Tara Fox Hall

Tara Fox Hall’s writing credits include nonfiction, erotica, horror, suspense, action-adventure, children’s stories, and contemporary and historical paranormal romance. She is the author of the paranormal fantasy Lash series, the paranormal romantic suspense Unhallowed Love series and the paranormal romantic drama Promise Me series. Tara divides her free time unequally between writing novels and short stories, chainsawing firewood, caring for stray animals, sewing cat and dog beds for donation to animal shelters, and target practice. All of her published children’s stories to date are free reads on http://www.childrens-stories.net.
Tara Fox Hall’s Email: tarafoxhall@gmail.com
Official website: http://www.tarafoxhall.com


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  1. Thanks,Tara! Loved this bit…. LOL

    “…usually prone to yelling at my dogs as they whine for me to hurry up, or the kittens as they wreck the house playing with one another.”

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