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Welcome to our weekly feature where we have a good nose around your desks each Wednesday. The same book is also being featured as this week’s Waiting on Wednesday / Can’t Wait Wednesday choice.

What do you think, would you enjoy this… drum roll please….

From the Desk of : : Peter Taylor-Gooby

Sassy Brit : What’s on your Desk, Wednesday, Peter Tayor-Gooby?

PTG: Here’s my desk. I write at it, and sometimes I stare out the window. That’s why the curtains are thick and shut. It’s my world. I don’t need to know what’s outside, I’m making my world right here.

Then I edit. It drives me mad I edit and edit and it’s still not right. So I edit some more and then give up. I know I can write, I can understand it, i believe in it, it’s just so hard to get it on the paper. Sometimes it’s there, there one of the characters does something unexpected and it’s not thee any more and I have to rewrite everything.
It’s a crazy business this writing. If only I had a proper job, but I don’t. So I guess it’s time to do some more.

Sassy Brit : What’s the weirdest thing on your desk?

Peter Taylor-Gooby : A photo of me with a 4-pack of baked beans balanced on my head and then a jar of peanut butter (used to promote a bike ride I was doing for the local food-bank).

SB: The most useful item?

PTG: Hate to say it, but it’s the computer, and after that it’s the A4 portrait orientation screen which I much prefer over landscape for writing and reading.

SB: Three words to describe your desk:

PTG: One Big Mess (Tidy desk – Tidy mind. So what does an empty desk mean?)

SB: Where can we find more about you?

PTG : See the link below for the BLOOD TIES Author Information Sheet (A PDF).

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did putting it together.


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Can’t-Wait Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted here, at Wishful Endings, and my version is a mix of what I’m waiting to read, whether it’s a new release that is not out yet, or an older book on my TBR shelf, which I really want to read but haven’t got around to it yet.


About the Book:

Ritchie’s life is shadowed by the death of his wife, Cat, in a car accident twenty-two years previously. He was the driver. He loves his children – Nic, who is bi-polar and often impulsive, and Jack. Both are active in the campaign to welcome asylum-seekers and refugees to Britain. His life comes to a crisis as he realises how much his children despise his trade in advertising and how much the loss of Cat still means to them all.

Ritchie abandons his career but achieves new success in driving Britain’s treatment of refugees up the political agenda. This earns him the respect of his children but brings him to the attention of Makepeace, the populist Home Secretary. Nic, his daughter, strives to show she can overcome her disorder. She infiltrates a people-trafficking gang but is arrested as a criminal. Makepeace uses this to blackmail Ritchie to help him in his political schemes. Ritchie is horrified to discover that his task is to sell the reintroduction of forced labour, modern slavery, to the public. As a result he is once again rejected by his children.

Ritchie has reached rock bottom. He is desolate but believes he can outsmart Makepeace. Blood Ties shows how he finally resolves the situation, embraces the causes his children hold dear and reunites his family.

What have you been wanting to read? 

After my period of illness, I am catching up on a few books, and this is one that is on the top of my list to read.

Is this on your TBR or have you already read it? What’s your ‘Can’t wait for’ book? Do let me know in the comments below. Thank you! 

Luv Sass x

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