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Celia A. Andriello’s Writing Space!
writing space for each novel alters. For LEGACY: Let the games
it was required of me to crawl back into my 60s
roots in order to form a more perfect union. For me to write any
novel it is required to don the mantel of those for whom I am
writing; the characters. It’s comparable to being schizophrenic or
the actor; that’s why it’s imperative to take a break.Hence there is scenery and a creatively filled refrigerator with just
enough distractions. It is important not to over-stuff this storage,
or fill it with frivolities that debilitate my thought processes. 
Let the games begin
is the second in a series of 4 novels;
but not to fret, they can be read in any order, except for the last
one. Many have enjoyed reading LEGACY first and then they go
back to its foundation in Hear the Calliope: A sentimental
journey on the Earth Ride
The 2 female heroes,
Marinda (Goddess) and Stacy, childhood neighbors, are from affluent
families and were betrayed by the parents in their youth. Balanced
betrayal is found in government, for government is a parental
construct; that entity built to protect its children. Dale and Riley
were Marines in Vietnam where their innocence was betrayed by their
own government under friendly fire. It stands to reason that these
four would come together to form a more perfect union; specifically a
coup d’états.
would have happened if the hippies of the 60
actually got a clue as to how to turn the tables on the United States
Government that was sacrificing its young men to a war for poppies; a
government that does little or nothing to save the children of child
abuses? First, how would they go about defeating its military? And
second, when will they find the time to not only make love and not
war, but to IMAGINE? All possibilities exist in the species known as

– through these four novels I am providing the readers the road map
to bring the entire world back to center. No it is up to you.
Complain about the price, whine about it all you please, but the cost
will remain unchanged because if I gave away these words you would
not believe them to be of value; such is the distortion in our logic. 
LEGACY: Let the games begin because
the truth will set yea free.
Peace Baby

WARNING! The author of this work of prose could very well be certifiably in need of emotional repair….but then who isn’t? Those that claim that they are not require an eye of caution in conjunction with considerable distance. When I came through the portal to enter the stage there was a menu full of choices. It was mind boggling as to what to choose because this playing field has an infinite quantity. Finally I looked to the host and said, “AGH! GIVE ME EVERYTHING!” That’s pretty much what has happened since I touched down in 1951; everything and anything. The sixties was the most poignant decade of my life because it was there that I woke-up. My friends were being plucked out of college for not carrying a full course load, and shipped off to not only parts unknown, but events that would forever scramble their sense of well-being.

On the form it asks; religion? I went the gambit on this one. I do not profess to know them all but there is a commonality within all of them; even the great myths. They all negate abuse. Abuse begins in the nucleus of human existence known as family and radiates into every facet of life. Why? Because even though it’s painfully degenerative it is what we recognize. We instinctively gravitate to what we know because we hypnotically believe it to be security.

“Occupation?” There fails to be enough area; however not one experience went for naught. Through them I understood the point that we’re all missing; and we are missing it. We create it – everything, even religion & abuse; therefore we can fix it.

Link to LEGACY: Let the games begin (the 2nd book)

Link to Hearthe Calliope: A sentimental journey on the Earth Rid (the 1st book)

Link to REASON VOID OF REASON: Spirituality honeymoon style (the 3rd book)

Links to the man who inspired Dale (soul mate to The Goddess)


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