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What’s on your desk, Wednesday? Weekly Spotlight Feature!


From the desk of  : Carlos Alexander Murray

My Writing Routine :

In my almost everyday writings, I always carry a pen. What ever mental visualizations I deem as record breaking, I jot down…most of my writings are documented in my sleep hours of dreaming, where I have a light, pad and pen always in arms reach. When my brain alarms me of the new sought-after passages, I immediately wake up, jot it down, then go back to sleep. The brain is a muscle, it works like in the gym, especially when I’m snoozing.


About the Book :

Remember Me, Vendetta

A once gambler/drug dealer gives his all to make another run at Kingpin status only to retire on top of the game. Carlos Andretti making a push for success finds a profitable way out of the game also bringing with him his young, now rich protege who has a change of heart in retiring from his grip of power and street fame. Agreeing to settle off the profits of a Mega Millionaires club built and designed to bring enough money for all to live comfortable for decades, a murder plot to kill Mr. A. and steal his millions invested is executed. But as an innocent, cursed soul has been wrongfully sacrificed, the scales of reality tip with an unresting soul coming back for vengeance on all participating in his death.


Published September 18th 2012 by iUniverse


About the Author :

Carlos Alexander Murray was born in Gary, Indiana. In 1995, Mr. Murray co-starred in the motion picture ORIGINAL GANGSTAS. Captivated by character developments, between heroes and villains pertaining to in-dept schemes and plots, Mr. Murray underwent experimentations of his own writings. Starting with his first trilogy, he creates two opposition books of genre, spiritual and suspense novels. “FIFTEEN DAYS TO AN EXECUTION” and “REMEMBER ME, VENDETTA” in which, the good and evil of two supernatural characters meet in an end of the world confrontation, fictional novel, “THE ANNIHILATION” the sequel. The ANNIHILATION is a fast-paced race to save all of humanity.

Writing multiple books of all genres, Mr. Murray well-written creativities became the voice and source of relaxation by all eager to read and step into his world of mental invention.
“My writings helped me get through all pain and adversity as most had abandoned me.”

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4 thoughts on “What’s on your desk, Wednesday? Carlos Alexander Murray #AuthorSpotlight #WOYDW #AltRead

  1. Oh boy. You actually had me at those amazing covers! I too always carry a pen and also keep one along with a pad of paper by my bed. It’s not uncommon for me to awaken, reach up and turn on the small lamp above my head, reach over to the pad and pen, and scribble down what’s in my head. I also scribble down thougts while driving. Sometimes I struggle to make them out later as I write while not even looking while I do it. LOL

  2. I do that too. They say (who does?) that if you can’t sleep at night it’s also very helpful to write down what you’re thinking about then, knowing that in the morning you’ll be able to take action. And that by writing it down, you’ve already taken action- just one baby step towards sorting it. Because let’s face it, by the time you’re in bed it’s pretty much too late to do anything else. And who knows, maybe an answer will come to you in the night?

  3. .
    Fuonlyknew, I agree with you, Sassy, and Carlos. The mind must be listened to, at all times!
    Professor Dewey Edward Chester

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