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What’s on your desk, Wednesday? Weekly Spotlight Feature!

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by  Barry Lees
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I write all hours of the day and night. If the ideas are flowing. I can forget to eat.

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About the Book

When a sting operation to catch Manchester’s most notorious drug dealer goes wrong with fatal consequences, detective Russell Warren gets the blame and is sent back to uniform in disgrace to work a beat that nobody wants. Stretched to its limits and dangerously under resourced, Heavem Hospital is home to the mentally ill, the handicapped, the addicted, the troubled, the vulnerable, the suicidal and the criminally insane. It is described to Warren as ’a disaster waiting to happen.’ When it does, and with devastating consequences, it is up to Warren to keep the innocent safe from the murderous.

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About the Author


Crime Thriller Novelist


Hello. My name is Barry Lees. I was a cop for decades and in that role I was told many stories. Everyone I met had at least one to tell, and now that I am a story-teller I see new meaning and value in each one of them.

Having left school without an ‘O’ Level to my name, becoming a novelist was an unrealistic prospect. I knew it and the world I existed in reinforced that belief. The will to write remained strong but was, for reasons of self-preservation and dignity, housed on a dusty shelf in the back of my mind. Uneducated people don’t become novelists, I had to remember that.

When I had reached an age where I should have come to terms with my limitations, I chose to cast off the shackles of ignorance and negativity, and instead I embarked on the quest for formal education. An honours degree in English and Creative Writing in 2013 not only enabled me to identify a tangible reason to take myself seriously but answered a tiny element of the cynicism that the world, or my part of it, held for dreamers like me.

During my degree course I wrote a passage about a detective in San Francisco. I called him Kerrigan and gave him a past of wartime trauma. I had read some Raymond Chandler stories and I set out to produce something similar to them. That became a joyous obsession. I have written three full-length stories in that series and there are more in my head bursting to be set free. In the meantime, I have felt the urge to diversify and the result of this tangent is my recently completed crime thriller ‘Exiles from a Torn Province.’ Set in the troubled era of Belfast’s recent past, it is a romantic and political crime thriller, fictionalising the beginnings of the Peace Process.

To the people who have chosen to invest their leisure time in reading my stories, I say a profound thank you. For those yet to join me on this road-trip, I say ‘ready when you are.’ Kindles on? Let’s go.


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5 thoughts on “What’s on your desk, Wednesday?  Barry Lees #AuthorSpotlight @barryleesauthor #WOYDW #interview

  1. Hi Sass and Barry,

    A great post and thanks so much for including the link to the longer article, which I found most interesting.

    Barry – Whilst I did leave school with basic excellent GCE results, that’s about as far as my education went and I would love to have had your courage in returning to education later in life. You have my admiration!

    Sass – Following on from the comment you left earlier over at Fiction Books, I think this is definitely a case of the cover art following through on the theme of the story line, albeit that I hate wasps and the cover makes me cringe every time I look at it!

    Thanks for sharing guys and good luck with your future writing career Barry 🙂


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