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First, lets’s take a look at where stories are created, from the desk of…

Ivor Tostig


My Writing Routine and Other News :

by Ivor Tostig
I live in a private world all my own. My home is a retreat from the world. I have a distinct dislike for superficiality and I mistrust loud people who lack sensitivity. I try to show elegance and grace in all that I do, and I am a great admirer of beauty, particularly in people and paintings and nature and I give all I do a special touch. I have a strong soulful side and have empathy for all forms of suffering. I see a distinct difference between being lonely (which I rarely am) and being alone. I enjoy peak experiences. I ask to be accepted as I am and have few truly good friends, whom I am extremely close and loyal to. I’m original and a good leader, coming up with new ideas and executing them is natural to me. I work very hard and put boundless energy into my family, work (with my partner Julia) friends and projects. I am an expert coach working with people from all around the world and of all ages and backgrounds, in the fields of communications, performance and problem-solving, perhaps using NLP or other techniques, with honesty and sensitivity as desired. I have two beautiful daughters. I love painting, music and writing, which I do sporadically and when inspiration – which I take from life, the world, history and from other stories too – hits.

41AcPAVHdFLAbout the Book : The Odmedods: Llin and the Pit of Vipers: Volume 1 (Jeason and the Book of Hope or Doom) By Ivor Tostig

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This is a tale for all times, an epic adventure which takes us into the very soul of our experience of growing. The simple village of a mountain land is torn from its roots, and a brother and sister, twins, are separated as a dreadful catastrophe approaches and obliterates the world that is so familiar to them.
Dark forces are rising and all that’s good in their simple world is swept away, and only books and stories reconnect the twins, their family and other folk, to a confused past that is shrouded in mystery and only partially understood, because that world, its technologies and loose organisation, have been barely salvaged over the generations. How thin is the dividing line between what is real and what is hidden, and how can they tell? Llin is trying to make sense of where she is; Jeason is searching for her; how can they possibly meet again, in the face of overwhelming odds and scenes of terrible chaos?
The story of Llin is about duality; illusion and dawning reality; about labyrinthine ways through the world, its journeys, mysteries and discoveries where a dystopian world view has taken over, how can they retrace their identities and know what they have lost?


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  1. Blood Dragons has an awesome cover! I hope the book inside is equally as enjoyable. Happy reading and thanks for participating in WWW Wednesday!

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