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What’s on your desk, Wednesday? Weekly Spotlight Feature!

From the desk of : Jack Strange

The Desk of Jack Strange: Looks very much how I imagine Brad Sharpe’s desk to look like! (Sassy)

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My Writing Routine :

By author Jack Strange

I fit my writing around my other commitments. If I have a business appointment first thing, I’ll shower and be at my desk by 7.30 am with a coffee and an urge to put my thoughts on virtual paper.

I’ll break off for the appointment, then resume work until the next interruption comes along – which could be another appointment, or chores set for me by my wife (eg cutting wood for our wood-burner, or mopping the floors. I’m a bit like Cinderella really!)

Once I’ve dealt with the latest thing to hit me, I’ll be at my desk again, armed with a refill of coffee.

Some days I’m just too busy with other commitments to do any writing. But most days I’ll find a way to get something down, even if it’s only a few hundred words. I aim to write more days than not.

I always have several projects on the go: at least four novels, a dozen short stories, blog posts, interviews, and so on. I never suffer from writer’s block because I have so much to say.

Sometimes, when dusk falls and I’m planning a long evening of writing, I’ll stimulate the creative juices with a tumbler of whiskey. Or two. Whiskey and writing seem to go together rather well. But I never allow myself to get stupidly drunk – not until I’ve penned my last sentence of the day, anyway.

So that’s it.

My routine – which isn’t at all routine.

It works for me.

Jack Strange 

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About the Book : :


By Jack Strange

Brad Sharpe, a crime beat reporter for the Manchester Daily News is tired of wasting his time on petty crimes and go-nowhere stories. Hungry for something bigger, and hoping to revive his flagging career and his crumbling marriage, Brad connects himself to one of England’s most notorious killers. This might just be his biggest break, in more ways than one.

Get ready for a taut, edge-of-your-seat thriller from Jack Strange, author of Confessions of an English Psychopath, and Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse!

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About the Author:

The mysterious Jack Strange hails from the town of Huddersfield, in West Yorkshire , England. He’s a man with a checkered past, having worked in a morgue, been a labourer, and a salesman. He’s dug holes… professionally (to what end, he refuses to say – sales? corpses? possibly both?),  even more terrifying – he’s a former Lawyer.
He enjoys parties and keeps himself fit (the kind of fit that makes you think he may engage in fisticuffs with Vinnie Jones on a semi-regular basis, or possibly drink stout with both hands while also throwing  a perfect game of darts.) He is allegedly married with two adult daughters. They have yet to be located for comment.

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