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Amy Romine's Desk on Alternative-Read.com

Hey Bibliomaniacs,

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for my weekly spotlight features, “What’s on your desk, Wednesday?”, where we take a visit to see what’s on somebody’s desk and have a good old nose around. (No kidding!) So without further ado, let’s meet today’s desk, I mean guest…

Welcome to where stories are created, from the desk of author Amy Romine

Amy Romine's Desk on Alternative-Read.com
Amy Romine’s Desk on Alternative-Read.com


Sassy Brit : Tell us about your writing routine:

My writing routine is somewhat sporadic – with a full-time job, four kids, a dog, three cats and a wonderful boyfriend I have to schedule time – literally. I also volunteer at the Dennis R Neil Center for Equality in Tulsa, as well as teach two writing classes for Writing Warriors.  Like I said I am BOOKED, so my wonderful PA has to schedule times on my calendar for me to stay on schedule with my writing goals. Everything from blog posts, guest posts and actual work on my current project.

Scheduling for me is KEY! Cannot survive without knowing what I am doing and when. While this sounds anal and counter-creative, it is a must to meeting my numerous goals and honestly keeping me sane. I will sit awake at night thinking about all the stuff I need to do and stress about when I will have time t do it all. Scheduling keeps the anxiety at bay!

As you can maybe see. I have post it’s, reminders and a picture of my Mom. There is even a post-it saying What Would Mom Do?

My Mom is my anchor, and I rely on her heavily.

When I actually write – like this moment—I am sitting on my bed with my little padded writing thing. I have a cup of water on the bedside table, and the animals are snoozing all around me. It is quiet and awesome. Sometimes I have my headphones on listening to my playlist, and sometimes I am just listening to the sounds of the house. Kids talking, walking up and down the hall. BTW I have recently discovered that all 14-year-old boys are LOUD. Good lord, it is like a heard of hippos in my house!

After I finish this post, I will be working on the last piece of a short story collection I will be offering for FREE to all of my Newsletter subscribers. If you are interested, please sign up! HERE – https://mailchi.mp/11b0398d5a48/amyromine 


SB: What’s the weirdest thing on your desk?


AR: – There is a shiny wooden box on the corner of my desk. In it is a gift a friend gave me 2 Christmas’s ago. It is a metal microphone, the note says – ‘for when you need to drop the mic!

SB: The most useful item?

AR: – My highlighter! I use it to alert me to MUST DO items and important dates on my calendar.

SB : Three words to describe your desk?

AR: Eclectic, Organized, Chaos.
Amy Romine's Desk on Alternative-Read.com
Amy Romine’s Desk on Alternative-Read.com

SB: Where can we find out more about you?


My blog is the best place – amyjromine.blogspot.com

Or read my books! That is a great way to learn about me!

Amazon Page

Extasy Page



Twitter – @AmyJRomine

Instagram – AmyJRomine



Books by Amy Romine

Trust Me Series by Amy Romine
Trust Me Series by Amy Romine

Trust Me Series(Romantic Suspense)

Serenity Lost

Veiled Deception

Jaded Promises

Shockwave (Dead Air Series) by Amy Romine
Shockwave (Dead Air Series) by Amy Romine

Dead Air Collection (Romantic Suspense)





The Soulmate Chronicles by Amy Romine
The Soulmate Chronicles by Amy Romine

Soulmate Chronicles (Romantic Suspense, Paranormal)

Ever the Same

Come Undone



Little Angels (Stand Alone Full-length Novel) (Romantic Suspense)

You Never Could Be (Erotic Stand Alone Romance Novella)

A Snowflake’s Chance in Hell(Stand Alone Holiday Romance Novella)


Books Coming Soon!

Finders – Book One of the Finders Ghost Hunting Series (Romantic Suspense) – Check out this sneak-peak

The Prophet and the Snow Angel (Part of the Twelve Days of Christmas Series)

Control (Romantic Suspense)


Author Bio | Alternative-Read.com

Author Amy Romine
Author Amy Romine

Amy Romine has always wanted to be one of the good guys. From playing Charlie’s Angels in the backyard of her Macungie, PA home as a child to the pages of her unending projects, Amy has always dreamed of adventure and romance. Her need to make the characters truly deserve their happiness takes us on many a twisted journey. From serial killers to demons, Amy holds nothing back in the name of true enduring love.

A mother of three, Amy has spent the past sixteen years working in Operations for Ricoh America’s Corporation. She is an avid movie fan and enjoys books, television, theater, her dog Pip and all things romance.

Amy Volunteers weekly at the Dennis R Neill Equality Center of Tulsa and is collaborating with the founder on a 40 year anniversary book.

Amy also leads a weekly Writing Group – Writing Warriors where she shares her experience and love for writing with new and aspiring authors.

Book blurb | Alternative-Read.com


Finders – Book One in the Finders Ghost Hunting Series


When an expert Demonologist a meets a Reality Show Producer on the Ghost Hunting Show Finders, sparks of true love fly so bright even the Devil takes notice.

Demonologist Luke Melloy has seen the face of true evil. He’s fought it and sent it back to hell. It’s what he does. To Claire Westin, ghosts and demons are just great television and good for ratings. When faced with the truth Luke has seen, her reality is turned upside down as the two are swept into dire straits just moments after they meet. Desire sparks between the unlikely pair, throwing their hearts into chaos. Love was neither expected or wanted.

When the demon targets an unsuspecting Claire with his wrath, Luke finds his focus split between his oath to God and the awakening of his heart. Together, they must face the ancient evil and defeat it. Or lose everything.

Check out this sneak-peak


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