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What's on YOUR desk, Wednesday, is a weekly feature offering free promo for your book, product or website! Chances are if you're online you've got something to promote. All you do is take a picture of your desk and tell me (and my readers) about your writing routine. You could be a book blogging reviewer, or someone with a product to promote. You don't have to be an author, but this is a popular choice for writers to share where they create their masterpieces. Anything goes, as long as you have a desk -ish. (See below for questions!)
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Want to take part in my ‘What’s on your desk, Wednesday?” feature?

Here is what I need: A picture of your desk! (one is great, more is best!) 

Head your email DESK WEDNESDAY so I can find it easily. Thanks!

1) Tell us about your writing routine: (This is the main article) 
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2) Answer these quick fire questions:
What’s the weirdest thing on your desk?
The most useful item?
Three words to describe your desk:
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3) Then send these in response to – ‘Where can we find more about you?’ 
a)  decent high-res book cover
b) blurb
c) bio
d) your links
e) plus most importantly a pic (or lots of pictures) of your desk – to Sassy.Brit@gmail.com
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“But I don’t sit at a desk and write!” I hear some of you say…

No worries! When I say desk I mean that term quite loosely. It can be a desk, writing space, outdoor area, somewhere you set up and commute. Heck, we’ve even had a boat!
This is an ongoing feature so you don’t have to respond straight away. I usually just slot people in when there is a space, but if you want to do a specific date to fit around your release day etc, just let me know with plenty of time in advance, and I’ll do my best to fit you in.  
Brit x
P.S. Best of all this is all free book promo!
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Some past participants!

Eva Leigh’s Desk | #CountingOnACountess | Alternative-Read.com
Eva Leigh’s Desk | #CountingOnACountess | Alternative-Read.com
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Alice Renaud's desk | Alternative-Read.com
Alice Renaud’s desk | Alternative-Read.com
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Maggie Blackbird's desk on Alternative-Read.com
Maggie Blackbird’s desk on Alternative-Read.com
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Tara Hall's desk | Alternative-Read.com
Tara Hall’s desk | Alternative-Read.com
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Devon Layne at his 'desk' in his caravan on Alternative-Read.com
Devon Layne at his ‘desk’ in his caravan on Alternative-Read.com