"What’s On Your Desk, Wednesday, Allison Pang?" Sassy Brit asks with an evil grin and camera poised…

Click the picture to have a nose around…I do!

My desk is a cluttered mess. Much like my life.

You’ll see multiple phones, books, children’s homework, crayons, a broken pen, manga, David Garrett DVDs, business cards, a Hello Kitty mousepad.  Clever people will even notice the cheerio on the keyboard tray, thanks to my thoughtful four year old. The picture doesn’t show the upper shelves – there’s a wacom tablet and a bunch of computer WoW boxes, some anime, my Kindle and three packs of Tarot cards.

There is a monkey skull and crossbones patch on my chair. The armrest is breaking down on the right side because I have a tendency to lean on it very hard.
I’ve cleaned it up from time to time, but it doesn’t take much to turn it into a complete wreck within a few days at the most. Part of this is lack of time. I work full time and have young kids. I have a limited time to write – mostly between 10 PM and 1 AM. I could waste that time on cleaning, or I could write. So, the clutter takes a back seat.

Part of it is just how my brain works, too. I don’t keep things tidy in my head when I write, and just like the desk, it can sometimes seem overwhelming. But for the most part, I really do know where everything is. (And yes, I’ve always been this way – my room growing up was much the same. So is my house sometimes.)
Sometimes things get lost.

To be honest, I find a clean desk to be far more distracting than a messy one. It’s pretty to look at for a while, but it’s empty.  

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