What’s on MICHELLE MORAN’S Desk, Wed? How to fill an empty wall with your first success!

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200 roses as they rise in tiers up the mountainside
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I have to say, not a whole lot!!! I’m a bit of a neat-freak, so all of my files, papers and books are stored away in bookcases, and my desk itself is very clean. I write in an office on my first floor, looking out of my window onto a garden of over two hundred roses and eight fruit trees (none of which I can actually take credit for. The woman who sold the house to us had retired and spent her life gardening). I have a variety of images in my office. One is a black and white photograph of the Wright Brothers taking flight, the other is a beautiful Didier Lourenco whose paintings evoke life on the Mediterranean better than any other artist I know. But there has always been a space to the right of my desk that has gone unfilled since we bought our house, and back when Crown commissioned a painting for the cover of Nefertiti: A Novel, I had the brilliant idea of purchasing it. After all, what better image could fill my empty wall than one that represented my first success? 
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So immediately, I contacted the representative for the artist Doug Fryer, and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted the painting. I told myself that I would purchase the original at whatever-the-cost, imagining that whatever-the-costwould probably mean around $500. Or maybe $600. When Doug’s agent emailed back, however, I discovered that for the ten by fifteen inch oil painting, I would need to fork over several thousand dollars (the agent also mentioned that this was a bargain, and that the artist’s other paintings go for thirty thousand). After some serious reflection I decided that there will only ever be one debut novel. So now I sit beneath the gaze of Egypt’s most fascinating queen, and it’s worth every dollar!
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