What’s On Karen Cote’s Writing Desk? (WOYDW)

This week I am pleased to be able to show you
Karen Cote’s desk!

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What’s On Karen Cote’s Writing Desk?

Sassy, what a moment this is to be among such great artists. I seriously had to read your invitation a few times before it sank in. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Keeping with the theme of what my writing desk and day look like, well…between my iPad, iPhone, Laptop and PC, I’m typically wherever the characters in my Romantic Suspense take me. My current novel, Erotic Deception is scheduled to launch in October of this year. Right now, I’ve delved into another Mystery Romance which I’m very excited about.

I’ve learned through this process we’re a unique batch of artists. I don’t know about others but many times, I find myself talking…to myself. One day I felt the desire to alter my routine and create an avatar to join in the conversation. However, I wasn’t quite conformable with the narcissistic environment I’d created so I decided to contact my dear friend, Award-Winning Author, Lin Holmes to see if she wanted to play. She did and “Karen’s Chaise Lounge” was conceived.

On a more serious note, The Chaise Lounge allows readers an opportunity they most crave. To learn more about their favorite author. Now readers are used to hearing an author’s voice through the pages of a book but rarely are they given an opportunity to hear their actual voices. The Chaise Lounge provides such an experience and has been well received.

I truly thank Lea Schizas at MuseItUp Publishing, Inc. for the opportunity given through publication and at such a wonderful place. She’s created a unique platform at Muse. One that not only catapults award winning talent into greatness but one of family. A family that’s turned Karen’s Chaise Lounge into a place of insurmountable richness. A place where friends gather. My friends.

Please feel free to join together to make new friends at www.karencote.tv/blog-with-me

Karen Cote’
If you approach friendship with love; who will refuse you?
Karen’s Chaise Lounge                             
Karen’s Viritual WebsiteErotic Deception…October 2011

APRIL 2011
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Tracy Cooper-Posey
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