What’s on certified Kiki Howell’s Desk This Wed? Snowmen in March?

This week I am pleased to allow you to snoop through our spotlight author
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 What’s On Your Desk Wednesday by Kiki Howell
Since I write on a laptop, where I write changes with my mood. Sometimes I want to curl up all day in bed, some nights the story won’t let me be and I write in the living room with my family, but mostly, I write in my own little corner of the house. My writing space  is an area created by a rug and a few chairs off the dining room. Here I sit most days while my kids are at school lost in my own worlds.
I love the feeling of my space. It welcomes me to write. I have made it eclectically my own. As a certified Feng Shui Practioner, I believe what I was taught – everything in your home is speaking to you, so make sure they have nice things to say. The form of Feng Shui I studied believes that objects only have power, can only be what we call “cures,” if you already love them, they have personal meaning to you. These are the types of thing that fill my room. Let me start off with one you can’t see in the picture.
One the wall opposite of my little writing cart for my laptop is a picture of a friend who I lost a few years ago. She called herself my first fan, and she truly was. Her smiling face, her arm around my shoulders, the image greets me each time I walk in. From the photo of my space, you will see my framed book covers, a birthday present from my amazingly supportive husband. Next you might notice the snowmen. Yes, they are there all year round. They are just my favorite thing, as winter is my favorite month, sweaters are my favorite clothes and hot chocolate is my favorite drink… Of course, when the summer gets too hot for me (I suffer from heat intolerance – psychosomatic – who knows? LOL), I can look at my snowmen and remind myself winter is coming again. Those of you who live in the snowbelt with me, I can hear you groaning 😉 Another favorite in my room is my writing buddy, my greyhound. He loves to keep me company when the fire is blazing in the cold winter months. Of course, he came from a racetrack in Florida!
What else do you see beside research books on the shelves and my latest story board? Well, let me explain briefly a few of those “cures” I use to help along my career, especially since they are hard to see in the picture. On the mantle is a fountain, water running to bring wealth and candles firing up the energy. It is adorned with abundance trees made of gemstones and wire by my own hands. In the middle, such clear glass it didn’t even show up in the photo, is a tea pot that sits on a candle burner. In it I simmer different herbs which are symbolic of the energy I may be trying to conjure up that day. Sometimes I even write my wishes on tiny pieces of paper, place them under the candle, and ‘seal’ my desire while the energy of the candle burning sends it off into the universe. Last, and my favorite, the hook you see to the right of the framed covers behind the fireplace holds a crystal mobile with snowflakes. The crystal flakes are balanced with a silver witch on a broom. The message it speaks is about my career going up, up and away, always flying where I want it to go.
So, while it may seem like a crazy mix of items to a visitor, to me each item fits, has a very important meaning or was a special gift. Proof may be the tiny Snowbuddies Halloween Witch figurine I have. I keep saying I’m going to sew up one of those melting snowmen with a purple and black scarf, witch hat on her head, and a sign that quotes the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz, “I’m melting!” *giggles* Well, it all makes sense to me, and I love to create here!

Picture: Torn Asunder by Kiki Howell 
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March 2011
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Kiki Howell
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