What’s in your HAMMOCK, Wednesday? (WOYDW)

It’s time to dive into the world we actually occupy; the world of metaphysics, and it’s always best to experience this world with dear friends in a location that has the ability to be isolated. Therefore it’s time to honeymoon and time to take my writer’s garret to the above photo.
Within the series of 4 connecting novels REASON VOID OF REASON: Spirituality honeymoon styleis the third and the last that can be read and comprehended out of sequence. At the same time it will open doors to only an adventuresome reader; a reader who desires to understand the inner workings of his or her clock. If your mind prefers braces and blinders, then it would be best to stop after reading LEGACY: Let the games begin
Although Rin has been with the organism for ten years, there are secrets about the organism she has yet to learn; concealments Dale has longed to disclose. Synchronously Riley, Dale’s stalwart marine compatriot, who vowed he would never trust any woman enough to reveal these depths of the organism, has found his unwavering trust in Stacy, Rin’s best friend from childhood.
Writing REASON VOID OF REASON: Spirituality honeymoon style permitted my flight into a world that I have enjoyed; a world I equate with the honeymoon, for the spiritual world unlocks our shackles that bind us to anything we previously believed to be concrete truth. It is a world I have often shared throughout my life and believe that it is a world that most of us would prefer to enjoy. The spiritual world is the fun and frolic of the honeymoon, and REASON VOID OF REASON: Spirituality honeymoon stylecan only seduce the reader into a euphoria that will be glorified and sanctioned in the final book; BREATHE: NOUMENON; the essence of our world. 
If you were to have charge of composing this author into words you would have my condolences. Infinite facets that radiate outward are often illusive and difficult to grasp. Within me there is no why or wherefore, but an insatiable need to follow the piper of my spirit; a spirit that was set free with dogged determination to love precisely who and what I am. It is my sincere hope that these four novels will provide the reader the possibilities that are before each of us when we grab the dragon and shake it into a comfortable size, and don its hide as our own.
Dig REASON VOID OF REASON: Spirituality honeymoon style because the truth will set yea free.
Peace Baby

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