What’s in YOUR cave, Wednesday, Celia? (WOYDW)

Today I’d like to welcome back, Celia Andriello and her ever-changing desk/cave, which I think is a great idea! *Very alternative* 

For Hear the Calliope: A sentimental journey on the Earth RideI began in this dark cave in order to emerge in a world of color-filled delight.
Bar none, this was the most difficult work I ever produced. It was initially birthed on the back porch of a Key West home, and took another six years to develop form. Just as I’m choking on writing this piece, the entire 400+ pages of Hear the Calliope: A sentimental journey on the Earth Ride was an unnerving trial. The cave in the photograph of my writing desk represents a childhood of severe child abuses that had to be re-written to resemble a fragment of me, yet most of what many children experience throughout their childhoods. The flowers outside the cave is the 60s; the blossoming of what appeared to be freedom. But was it?
The 2 female heroes, Marinda (Goddess) and Stacy, childhood neighbors, are from affluent families and were betrayed by the parents in their tender years. It is their solid camaraderie that sustains them through their repeated abuses from their parents. Frustrated to find escape the young ladies devise a plan to escape home life through college by graduating high schools years in advance. Through their no longer innocent eyes they see college as the lesser of two evils as they roll a joint, fill the bong and dream of a better place to be.
Dale and Riley’s betrayal unfolds through their teen innocence that trusts the United States Marines to be their new parental construct as they don the uniform and head for Vietnam. With their chins high, they learn an almost fatal lesson about the many faces of government.
Psychology attempts to ease their pains, but it is friendship and candor together with their relentless senses of humor that open the door to infinite possibilities.
Is there any doubt that these four characters need to meet to share their histories and their hearts? But how? And when? 
Dig Hear the Calliope: A sentimental journey on the Earth Ride because the truth will set yea free.
Peace Baby

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