What Makes a Person Unforgettable?

By Amy Romine – AR Affiliate Author
The Ascending Butterfly Blog Spot recently talked about Daisy Fuentes’ new book, Unforgettable You. The question of ‘what makes a woman unforgettable?’ was posed and I began thinking about the answer to such a illustrious query.
To be honest, I think the question is completely subjective. Something that makes a woman unforgettable to me may not be so unforgettable to you. If we talk in generalities there are certain traits that align with the ‘unforgettable’ classification. I would say that many of these traits are androgynous in nature. As the question was posed in regards to women I am going to have to defer to ‘person’ as the qualities are the same.

To do this we should look at some of the most ‘unforgettable’ people of our time. Please understand I am choosing these people based on their celebrity, mere as a common thought process ( picture of my Grandmother is less likely to translate well).

As you review the list think about what qualities all of these people have in common. This again is going to differ to person but I am going to list the qualities that I see…

Strength – of will, of character, of spirit and of integrity.

Beauty – I am not referring to outer beauty. I am referring to an inner beauty or shine that comes with true actions of the heart.

Independence – the ability to stand alone without regret

Belief – in themselves, in others, in justice, in humanity

Each of these amazing people were able to embrace themselves, and the world with an honest and accepting understanding. Being unforgettable to me, is first being unforgettable to yourself. Accepting who you are, why you are and loving the person you see in the mirror. Once you decide that it is good to be you, you become unforgettable.



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