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We went back to our last Saturday Share post on Facebook and Instagram and thought ‘Why not go one step further and share them on the blog too?’ So that’s what we’re doing. Here are some I thought you’d like!

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From Britni Mize (Facebook)

Tobias by Chevy Mize

Check out my husband’s debut novel, “Tobias.” It is a psychological thriller that follows the thoughts and a series of events the narrator goes through on his journey to self-discovery!

Blurb :

“You fantasize about murder to relieve stress. I committed murder to find truth. If you find these pages, my only hope is that by reading them you will see a side of yourself which was previously unknown.”

From Jon Carlisle (Instagram)

Murmurations : A Celebration of Being by Kamila Ö.

Murmurations : A Celebration of Being by Kamila Ö. On amazon as a kindle or paperback or from feedaread.com – 😇 Proud to have been the cover designer! 😎

Blurb: This is a story of empowerment and realisation, of love and acceptance. It speaks of appreciation and acknowledgement. An erotically spiritual journey of awakening to the beautiful truths of what it means to have a physical presence in the Universe. It equalises esteem for the body with respect for the spirit and how in doing so, we all avail ourselves to the opportunity to fully enjoy a human experience. It is a message of healing : from an individual level to the macrocosmic – undoing the damage done to society as a whole by a cultural narrative – created and perpetuated over generations which suppresses the awe-inspiring feminine divine energy. Without realising it, the men who wrote it have also imprisoned themselves, resulting in a society of inequality and a Great Missing Out : for men and women alike. Of the trusted friends who gave their invaluable feedback as the story unfolded, all found insights into their own lives and it is my sincere hope and wish that everyone who reads my story will find inspiration and enrichment in theirs.

From Khaled Talib (Instagram)

Spiral : A Thriller by Khaled Talib


Laurence Turner, a pharmacist from Sydney, is wracked with guilt after his fiancé dies on a sailing trip. The tragedy is followed by yet another fatal incident when he dispenses the wrong medication to a customer.

Laurence moves to the Clare Valley in South Australia for a fresh start, but when he stumbles across the dead body of a visiting American reporter, things take a turn for the worst.

The case explodes into far more than Laurence could ever expect with the arrival of a beautiful American woman, Skyler Hawthorne. Her troubles put Laurence in the path of both domestic and foreign agents, including a dangerous Russian spy who believes Laurence is hiding a secret.

From William Disdale (Instagram)

This Soul’d World: : The Rise of Consciousness by William Disdale


This Soul’d World is a unique, sci-fi themed journey-novel about the invention of a new gateway into other dimensions: other dimensions that will challenge the understanding of the material one we call home, and challenge those who benefit from keeping it that way. Is life as we know it just a biological accident playing out on a random rock in the universe? Are we meant to eat, work, sleep, repeat, or is there a deeper meaning? Strap your imagination in for an adventure of consciousness that will make you wonder, as you are pulled down alternate timelines and exposed to the mystery between.
FULL SYNOPSIS: This is the awakening of space-time scientist, Callison Trebla, who has a destiny calling from an alternate universe. Upon retirement from his life-long employer, Quanta Laboratories, Callison steals equipment to complete an as-yet unproven time-portal; and he thinks he’s got away with it… until the day he makes it work.
The company come knocking, revealing their dark, conspiratorial and lethal intent. They claim the portal is their intellectual property to do with as they please and they want to suppress it forever, keeping society blind and silencing its inventor in the process.
The only chance of escape for Callison (and hope for society) becomes wherever the portal leads, and he makes the leap into an unknown world, unwittingly falling down a rabbit hole of infinite depth. He’ll learn how to get around Quanta Laboratories, but he’ll also be exposed to the mysteries of life itself, seeing more and bringing the loss of his young son 30 years previous into clear re-focus.
Welcome to a story of hope for the coming age that aims to challenge our inherited beliefs about life and readdress the balance between the search of the outside world for answers, and the search of the inside world for questions.


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

Founder and Owner of Alternative-Read.com author personal and virtual assistant. Editor and reviewer for #altread since 2005.

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