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Friday Finds on Alternative-Read.com #altread #fridayfinds

We went back to our last Saturday Share post and thought ‘Why not go one step further and share them on the blog too?’ So that’s what we’re doing. Here are some I thought you’d like!

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Marilize Roos 

Gabriel, book 3 of the Club Angelus series is now live. If you haven’t 1-clicked this series yet, you really should.

Gabriel took a deep breath. “I want to give you what you need, but I don’t trust anyone else with your safety. You are too precious to me to risk injury. From now on, we do this together.”
Gabriel McIan is a gentleman.
He learned from his father’s example how not to treat a wife, and consequently he treats his wife like a queen. None of this BDSM nonsense his brother and sister so stubbornly cling to for him; he has a normal family built on good, solid family values.
When his wife makes a critical mistake that endangers their marriage, can Gabriel put aside the hurt, betrayal, and his aversion to violence to explore his wife’s needs and give her the pain she yearns for?
But no matter what, no one would ever hurt her again; no one but him.

TJ Spade

T.J. Spade✵ *•*  SKULL ISLAND  。˚* •˚ •*• by TJ Spade

NOW AVAILABLE ON #KU http://books2read.com/u/bMQBBB

Skull IslandBook two in the Tucker PI seriesIn the sleepy seaside town of Hawkins Landing, Kensei Tucker has put the past behind her yet again. She’s in love with Sheriff Mac Jacobs, and her Tucker PI agency is thriving. For once, everything is blessedly normal, at least until a relaxing weekend with friends ends in murder and the shocking vandalism of Mac’s home. More chilling is the chain of events that follow; a serial killer carving numerals into his victims and sending a message to one of their own. Someone is counting. Unless Kensei and Mac can overcome terrifying new obstacles whilst facing down old demons, their number may soon be down by one.

Kristy Brown
A YA/ New Adult Fairy tale retelling with all roles reversed…

he’s running from her title and a man she doesn’t love.
He’s just a farm boy who dreams of becoming more.
She has all the luxuries in the world but is never truly happy.
He is forced to sleep in a barn and treated like a slave.
She just wants to be invisible; he just wants to be seen
When their two worlds collide, can they really live out their perfect dream?
Throw in a hint of magic, a glass slipper and a ball.
Add two nasty stepbrothers and then just maybe, love can conquer all.

*This is not for children. It has some adult content/ language.

Living at Langster Motel

 Living at Langster Motel is a middle grade novel about friendship and being part of a unique community.


Thirteen-year-old Cali Jarvis isn’t really homeless. She just doesn’t live in a normal home. Instead, she lives in a single room with her mother and two sisters at Langster Motel. In addition to her family, there are plenty of other people who live at the motel, including way too many little kids, an assortment of parents, three high school kids, an old man, and just two 13-year-olds—Cali and her best friend Rivka. Living at Langster Motel is no vacation for anyone, but when you’re in middle school, it’s downright embarrassing.

When Cali and Rivka start school in the fall, Cali is determined to reinvent her life and change her image from being a nobody to being a somebody. She convinces Rivka that their ticket to popularity at their new school is to get in good with a group of popular girls, and Cali’s willing to do plenty to achieve that goal. The biggest challenge is to do it without anyone finding out where she and Rivka live.

Living at Langster Motel is a story about a young girl’s embarrassment about the place where she lives and her struggle to accept the unique community she is a part of.

Devon Layne  ·Team Swish

New release! 

Underdeveloped and extremely near-sighted sophomore Dennis Enders is recruited to manage a new girls’ basketball team at their school in Bartley, Iowa. The girls adopt him readily and his gentle nature, kindness, and vulnerability make him an instant favorite. They can’t believe he was overlooked and ignored for nine years in school. They survive in a world rife with danger from bootleggers, rapists, drug dealers, and kidnappers, while learning intimacy and love from and for each other.


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

Founder and Owner of Alternative-Read.com author personal and virtual assistant. Editor and reviewer for #altread since 2005.

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