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Watch the Words Take Shape

by Nathan Everett

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There has long been a mystique surrounding authors. Words somehow appear on the page in front of them, coalescing from the author’s mind to inspire and entrance the reader.

But where do those words really come from? Red Smith, syndicated sports columnist of the 1940s, was once asked if writing was difficult. “Why no,” he answered. “You simply sit down at the typewriter, open your veins, and bleed.”

Still, watching an author write is something tantamount to watching paint dry. Unless what you are really seeing are the words taking shape.

Author Nathan Everett lets words take shape rapidly so watching his novels being written is almost the same as reading the book after it’s finished. The difference is that the reader can respond to the words, influence the story, and interact with the author.

“There’s a caveat,” Everett says. “You read a first draft, misspellings, typos, homonyms, and all. There’s a reason I have editors. When the book is released, even the story can be significantly different than that first draft.” Everett estimates that his most recent book, City Limits, went through an eighty percent rewrite.

Beginning November 1, subscribers can watch Everett’s words take shape, as it were, when he attempts to complete his fifteenth consecutive NaNoWriMo win. He’ll be writing Wild Woods, the sequel to the popular City Limits. Everett typically writes as many as 5,000 words a day during November, up from his daily average of over 2,000 the rest of the year. That’s a nice chapter to sit down to each evening as his website is updated with the day’s new material.

To subscribe to the new novel as it is created, make a donation of $10 or more at www.paypal.me/aroslav. Be sure to include an email  address where Everett can send links to the current page. The first material will be posted on November 2. Your suggestions might appear in future chapters. Who knows? You might appear there yourself!

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