Welcome to the Dead Air Series Book Tour and Giveaway with Amy Romine

Shockwave by Amy Romine - Review by Sassy Brit

Shockwave by Amy Romine - Review by Sassy Brit

Welcome to the final day of the Dead Air Series Book Tour and my review of the first book in the DEAD AIR series, Shockwave!

I’m last (but not least LOL) on the tour, however, that’s not so bad as I am really pleased to be able to share with you all the previous stops. Did you know that each time you visit a blog and comment, that counts as an extra entry into the giveaway contest?

Dead Air Series Book 1
by Amy Romine
Genre: Romantic Suspense
About the book | Alternative-Read.com
Special Agent Kate Weiss is hiding from a kidnapping she doesn’t remember.
Jack Tucker’s life as a morning radio host is uncomplicated, attachment
free, and without regret.
Brought together by a mutual friend, the pair are at odds from the moment
they meet. She finds his confident swagger arrogant and beyond
reproach, while he in turn sees her as a self-righteous controlling dictator.
As Kate struggles with her confidence, Jack begins to realize his life
without strings is missing something, or someone. Adversity quickly
becomes attraction. Jack and Kate find themselves flirting with the
flames of unexpected desire.
As emotions rise, scars are revealed and secrets are uncovered. Will the
reality of their very different worlds bring them together or rip
them apart?

Book Excerpt | Alternative-Read.com

Heated bodies were pushed together like fish caught in a very expensive net. Jack maneuvered his way to the bar, and requested a whiskey sour. He stood waiting patiently, his eyes staring unfocused at the design etched into the marble top of the bar. He felt a heat on his back. He turned in curiosity when his shoulder smacked into something.

Whoa,” he heard, and then saw Kate, her drink dripping from her hand.

Sorry,” He found himself staring at her, a lump in his throat, his neck heated. “I didn’t see you.”

It’s okay.” She moved to the spot next to him at the bar. She placed her drink on the bar and began to clean the alcohol from her hands and dress.

You should know better than to try and navigate through a crowd with a full drink.”

I’ll make a note for next time, thanks.” She tossed the used napkins on the bar and then looked back to him. “This is quite a place.”

It stands out.” His focus went back to the crowd.

Are you having a good time?”

Can’t complain.”

I haven’t seen Chris. Is he having a good time?”

Wouldn’t know, he disappeared about an hour ago.” The bartender arrived with his drink. Jack laid some money on the bar before grabbing the glass.

I’d better get back to Mike.” She excused herself stepping away from the bar.

I’ll go with you.”

What are you doing?

They made it halfway across the floor, before engulfed in a deadlock of people. Jack instinctively grabbed Kate’s hand pushing a path through to the other side. Not realizing the warmth of her hand within his until they reached Mike, he quickly released and shoved his own in his pocket.

Hey, Jack, I see you found her,” Mike said with a grin, scotch in his hand. “I thought you got lost.”

Not exactly, just delayed.” Mike’s Blackberry lit up and he grabbed it and began to read.

Crap,” Mike said, looking to Jack and Kate. “There’s a problem at the station. I have to go. Jack, will you do me a favor and take Kate home?”

I can grab a cab, Mike. Jack doesn’t need to–”

You’re not taking a cab, Kate,” Mike looked to Jack for support.

It’s fine,” Kate’s expression crinkled in discomfort. “We have plenty of room.”

Kate finally nodded in agreement and Mike smiled.

Great, you guys have fun and I’ll see you later.” He stepped forward squeezing Kate’s hand. Mike moved away from them and Jack looked to Kate, his heart pounding uncontrolled.

We should probably get back to the VIP room.” The area around them began to fill with an overflow of people.

Okay.” Jack led the way to where their party was congregating. Once again, they ran into traffic between point A and point B. Jack consciously kept his hand to himself, letting her push her way through behind him. The crowd swayed taking them with it and he found himself trapped against the far wall.  He looked to his left and saw Kate in the same situation. She made her way along the wall toward him. A tornado of thrashing dancers erupted around them and Jack instinctively used his body to protect her. The crowd once again crashed like a wave against the wall. He felt the pressure lessen and he looked down meeting her emerald eyes.  His body tingled, reacting to the softness against him. “They really need to do something about crowd control.”

I’ll be sure to mention it in my review,” he said, her scent filling him.


Should we try and move?” She pushed her hair off her shoulder, revealing a gently curved neck begging to be nibbled.

I don’t know.” Catching her eyes. “Usually, this where I get thanked for my selfless act of chivalry.”

You’ve already gotten one blow-job this evening, Tucker,” she hit back. “I would have thought the Viagra would’ve worn off by now.”

Her eyes breathed fire. She shoved him away and dove into the crowd. Jack followed and arrived on the steps of the VIP area a few moments behind her arrival. He saw Melissa meet her with a wide smile.

Kate!” Melissa cooed while embracing the woman. “I was looking for you, when did you get here? Where’s Mike?”

He had to take off. Kate is going to hang out with us for the remainder of the evening. I offered to give her a lift home,” Jack said with a little too much enthusiasm. Like a dog that caught a rabbit and was proudly displaying it to his master.

Awesome, this gives me a chance to introduce you to some of our friends!”

Melissa whisked Kate away to fashion and celebrity heaven.

Dead Air Series Book 2
About the book | Alternative-Read.com
This book picks up where Shockwave left off…
They were worlds apart, drawn together by an undeniable passion. Ripped
apart by fear, they ran from each other and now struggle to stand
alone. Tragedy descends and they are pulled together in search of a killer.
Kate returns to Dallas in search of Mike’s killer. Within hours of her
arrival, events quickly spin out of control. Jack struggles to keep
his distance, but when Kate becomes a suspect, his instincts take
over and he rushes to her defense. As danger looms, all of the
reasons they walked away from each other disappear, leaving the
passionate fire that brought them together.
Unknown forces set their sights on Jack and Kate and the pair soon realizes
that their names are next in a long line of victims. In a desperate
search for the truth behind Mike’s murder, they fight their way
through the lies, discovering that not all is as it seems.
Dead Air Series Book 3
About the book | Alternative-Read.com
Jack and Kate struggle to navigate through the web of lies surrounding
them. Chasing shadows, the truth is closer than they realize.
Isolated and hiding from unknown forces, can they uncover the buried
secrets that killed Mike and put a price of their heads? When Kate
makes a deal and leaves Jack behind, will she make it back, or will
one misstep destroy all of their hopes for the future?

Author Bio | Alternative-Read.com
Amy Romine has always wanted to be one of the good guys. From playing
Charlie’s Angels in the backyard of her Macungie, PA home as a child
to the pages of her unending projects, Amy has always dreamed of
adventure and romance. Her need to make the characters truly deserve
their happiness takes us on many a twisted journey. From serial
killers to demons, Amy holds nothing back in the name of true enduring love.
A mother of three, Amy has spent the past
sixteen years working in Operations for Ricoh America’s Corporation.
She is an avid movie fan and enjoys books, television, theater, her
dog Pip and all things romance.
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Review on Alternative-Read.com

Shockwave by Amy Romine - Review by Sassy Brit

Kate Weiss has a lot going on in her life and the last thing she needs is to fall in love which could mess up not only her job as a special agent, but her life. She has enough things to contend with already. Like trying to come to terms with a bout of memory loss that stems from being kidnapped once. She doesn’t need any added complications. And Jack is just that.
Jack Tucker, is happy with his lot. He enjoys his job as a morning radio host, and life is sweet. It’s just him and his “children”, two dogs, and that’s the ways he likes it. The last thing he wants is anyone tampering with his life. Especially the new girl, Kate, who he sees as a right old bossy boots. A serious relationship is not on the cards for this man!
When they meet it’s not exactly love at first sight, or maybe it is, but neither of them want to admit it. Commitment is not their strong point. They are, however, both determined, independent people and nothing is going to stand in their way of what they want. Except, perhaps, love. And neither of them are ready for the turn of events which are about to take place and they soon find themselves turning to each other for comfort. But Kate has a secret, and when Jack finds out sparks fly sending shock waves through his heart! What else is she keeping from him?  If she can’t tell him the truth now, can they ever have a future and truly be happy together?
Pink Heart Spacer Alternative-Read.com
I loved the romance in the book. At first I wasn’t sure where this was going. Kate is a strong cookie and I doubted she’d have room in her life for love, she’s also a member of the FBI so she’s not used to having boyfriends put up with the hours her job demands from her. But when she and Jack get over their differences and the underlying sexual tension explodes it’s a completely different story. One full of action, suspense and drama that will keep you turning the pages fast.
Pink Heart Spacer Alternative-Read.com
Warning: This does end as a cliffhanger and it’s such an exciting one, you will need to get the following two books of the Dead Air Series, Backlash, and then Fallout. I wish I could tell you how this book ends, since it is not the end, but rather the beginning of a new drama. But we don’t want to giveaway spoilers, do we? No! That will spoil the shock for you!  I’ve not read books two and three yet, but you can bet I will now. I need to know what happens next. Who will make it out alive? Who will die? Not only do I need closure from this book, but I’m eager to find out what’s in store for this couple.  What will life throw at them before they get together? If indeed that’s the author’s plan. Who knows? Amy had a habit of shocking me with her stories and I feel the next two books will be no exception.
Pink Heart Spacer Alternative-Read.com
Romine takes readers on an exciting ride, and as the story unfolds you’ll laugh, cry and be totally shocked at how Kate and Jack’s relationship takes a turn for the worse. Looks to me that Jack and Kate have a fight on their hands if they want a happy ever after! To sum up: Suspenseful smexyness with a whole lot of drama. The murkiness of Kate’s memory of her past kidnap and her realisation of her love for Jack — which comes at a cost — combine to great effect.
Shockwave by Amy Romine - Review by Sassy Brit - Smexyness


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

Founder and Owner of Alternative-Read.com author personal and virtual assistant. Editor and reviewer for #altread since 2005.

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