VOTE: 1st Book Cover of the Year Award

Good Morning! 

There is a lot to post today, so I’m spacing them out over the course of the day. 

First, I am pleased to announce the very first Alternative-Read (AR) Book Cover of the Year Award. It runs the same way as our monthly award and there is a poll in the sidebar where you can vote on your favourite cover. All the nominees have already won one of our monthly ‘Book Cover Awards’ over the course of the year and this month we want you to chose your ultimate favourite to win the 1st ever  
AR Book Cover of the Year Award. 
It’s your chance to celebrate these talented book cover designers and show your appreciation!
Want to know who the nominees are?

#1 – Beauty’s Beasts – Dar Albert (Feb 2011)
#2 – Druids Dawning – Reese Dante (Mar 2011)
#3 – Kissed from Beyond – P.J. Edwards (Apr 2011)
#4 – Tears on a Tranquil Lake – Delilah K.Stephans (May 2011)
#5 – The Kiss of Night – Dara England (Jun 2011)
#6 – The Magic of Lavender – Cate Masters (Jul 2011)
#7 – Spartan Heart – Elaina Lee (Aug 2011)
#8 – Love Delivery – Delilah K. Stephans (Sep 2011)
#9 – Flesh Fantasy – Jinger Heaston (Oct 2011)
#10 – Farsighted – Lee Libro (Nov 2011)

View the winning 2011 covers here!

Coming up is the Monday “Movie” Book Trailer Swap – where authors can share their links to their book trailers – and I will then be posting our book cover award promotional video.
Stay tuned!

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