Today I am really pleased to be one of the bloggers kicking off this blog tour and featuring MIDDAY by DAVID B. LYONS! #BlogBlitz #BlogTour & #Review: @MrDBLyons @bloodhoundbook

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Today I am really pleased to be one of the bloggers kicking off this blog tour and featuring MIDDAY by DAVID B.LYONS!

Midday blurb : 

When his alarm goes off at 7am, successful bank manager Vincent assumes he is waking up to an ordinary working day. He couldn’t be more wrong.

Darragh, a young man with aspirations to become a gangster, forces his way

into the Dublin penthouse Vincent shares with his lover Ryan, telling Vincent he has until midday to steal eight million euros from the banks he manages. If he doesn’t return by the deadline, his boyfriend will receive a bullet to the head.

But all is not as it seems.

When the clock strikes midday, will they all be alive?

And who is really in danger?

Author Bio:

Dublin-born author David B. Lyons has a new twist on the psychological thriller. His debut, Midday, will be released on March 22nd and promises readers a thrilling ride. It’s the story of the same extraordinary morning, told from the perspective of four different characters.

David Lyons - Midday_cover_high res

David comes from a journalistic background. He worked, mainly, in the areas of football and music reporting for over 12-years, notching a few awards along the way. He tried to write creatively in his spare time, but found the formulaic writing nature of his day job a hindrance. He met with producers about both a play and a TV pilot he had written, but both fell short of being green lit, much to his disappointed. However, it gave him the opportunity to fulfil a life-log dream of finally penning a novel. He completed a BA Hons Degree in Creative Writing and soon after, completed Midday. Three months later, that debut was picked up by Bloodhound Books and early buzz suggests a promising writing career lies ahead for the thirty-nine-year-old.

He now lives in Birmingham, UK with his wife Kerry and daughter Lola. He has read fiction all of his life and notes Dean Koontz as a real inspiration. He is also a big fan of Gillian Flynn as well as rising star Liz Nugent.

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Here is my review:

Midday: a clever, engrossing thriller you won't want to put downMidday: a clever, engrossing thriller you won’t want to put down by David B. Lyons

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had no nails left after reading this, either, I can tell you!
I’m reviewing Midday by David B. Lyons. Here are my thoughts:

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^^ Okay, so imagine the scene. Gay couple, Vincent and Ryan are living in a beautiful penthouse – a dream home only the rich can afford. Vince has a great job at a bank, with much responsibility; it’s how he can afford the place they live, and how Ryan gets to be a ‘kept man’, whilst he works from home writing his future bestseller. What a perfect life, eh?

^^ Nope. In reality they’ve a strained love, hate relationship. Ryan is high on drugs most of the time and not getting his bestseller written at all. And Vince, well, he’s just been accosted by a man called Darragh, who demands that he withdraw eight million Euros (2 from each bank he is in charge of) and deliver it back to him at the Penthouse, by midday – or he shoots Ryan dead! It’s far from the perfect life we are first lead to believe.

^^ What a fabulous read! There are several parts to this book which made this so much more than just a ‘grab the cash and save my boyfriend from dying’ story. Yes, that is the main theme, but the way it was written took the story much deeper and darker then I ever expected.

^^ The story is told from four different perspectives, Vince, Ryan, Darragh and Jack. We watch how Vince has the pressure to get the money to save his boyfriend. We hear about Ryan and what he really gets up to, and how he is being kept hostage in his own penthouse by Darragh fearing his possible death in only a few hours – if Vince doesn’t make it back in time. We also hear the thoughts and ideals of both the baddies, and they all have something worthwhile to bring to the story, which is why I think I enjoyed this read so much. At least a huge part of why!

^^ I did have one small gripe – the flashbacks – once I got used to this author’s style, I adjusted the way I read it. But I would’ve preferred perhaps a paragraph break, so I didn’t just get thrown out of the story at times this happened. Admittedly, some transitions were better than others.

^^ Despite this, I did find this a terrific read in other areas, and have to mention (in my usual semi-cryptic way, as to not give away spoilers) how I loved fearing for Ryan’s safety at the beginning, and then as I raced through the book, I changed my view of him and wanted him dead myself! Cleverly done, David B. Lyons!

^^ The use of wannabe gangster and rookie murderer Darragh was also very well woven into the story, as was the mysterious Jack.


Midday: A tense, fast read, filled with dark secrets, betrayal, and an ending so twisted I didn’t see it rounding the corner until it was on top of me! NICE!

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