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To Love A London Ghost by Maeve Alpin

Reviewed by WitchGiggles
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sexton Dukenfield, self-made ghost hunter,gets roped into a business deal by the Queen Mother,Victoria to find and restore several missing specters who are wanted returned to their haunts. In the course of his investigation he runs into Ceridwen,lush warrior from the past,who just happens to be transparent. It’s not easy wanting a woman you can’t exactly put your hands on,but is the epitome of your desires of what a woman should be.

Following several leads lands Sexton in of all places a match factory butting heads with one evil genius. All the while the one thing hanging in the back of his mind is finding a way for him and his “lady” to remain together-preferably with both of them hale,hearty and alive.

To Love A London Ghost started out rather slow and though the premise is one I adore (ghosts, etc.) it was hard staying in the story. I think much more could have been done with the investigation – the interaction with the spirits- and a little less in the description of the day to day lives of the characters. It was really well defined at the end and made it worthwhile getting there.

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