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Non-Fiction November continues with “Timeless: A Century of Iconic Looks”


Timeless by Louise Young

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The hardcover version of Timeless: A Century of Iconic Looks by Louise Young, Loulia Sheppard is a stunning and informative book for recreating the most striking make-up and hair styles of the 20th century with step-by-step guides. If you love fashion, different hairstyles and the make-up that goes with these different years, I can see you loving this.

Timeless is indeed a beauty of a book, with glossy photos and clear, concise ‘how to’ steps to recreate the styles and make-up from the early years, and the jazz-age flapper 1930s right up to the 1980s and beyond.

I’m a fan of the sixties, Jean Shrimpton, Twiggy models, and designer Mary Quant, who all influenced the UK and made London an icon fashion hub back in the day. So I really liked how there was quite a chunk dedicated to this (and other) hairstyle and make-up periods. I wish I was old enough to have lived in this era!

It’s also amazing to see just how long brands like Max Factor, Yardley, Ponds, Elizabeth Arden and Revlon have been going. And sad to read how much of the make-up was bought from much-loved shops like Woolworths, which I do remember! (The shop, not buying make-up in the 60s!)

The cultural revolution of the 1960s saw innovative make-up formulations produced, boundaries being pushed and the youthful Swinging London scene influencing looks all over the world. 😎📚💄👒👚👜👢🙆💪”

Put together by renowned film, television and make-up artist Louise Young, along with leading film industry hairstylist Loulia Sheppard, this is an outstanding book full of tips, tricks and stunning photos. Whether you’re a fashion guru or just like this as a coffee table book, it’s definitely a conversation starter.

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3 thoughts on “Timeless: A Century of Iconic Looks by Louise Young, Loulia Sheppard #AltRead #Review #NonFictionNov

  1. My favorite style would be the 40ies/50ies with the pinup look LOL I don’t have the boobs to fill these wonderful dresses anymore but I admire women daring to dress like these women. The 20ies was also a striking time with shorter hair for women and a typical style. It is wonderful that some stylists and make up artists publish that kind of book!

  2. Aislynn d'Merricksson – California // Port Jericho – World-walker, runeweaver, author, poet, archaeologist, and metaphysicist. Professional book reviewer for San Francisco Book Review. #Evalyce 'Auguries of destruction be a lullaby for rebirth.' ~Key to Twilight
    Aislynn d'Merricksson says:

    Great review!

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