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Then She Vanishes by Claire Douglas

Then She Vanishes by Claire Douglas


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Who wouldn’t want to find out what turned your school friend into a murderer?
OMG! I loved this book! Not just bits: All of it! Right from the very beginning I was pulled deep into the story when faced with the fact that I was in a murderer’s mind and they were enjoying it! Immediately I was hooked with questions I needed answering; who is she, and what have these people done to her to make her want to kill them? After all, they’re just a man and his elderly mother – how cruel!
In addition to loving, well basically everything, I feel I need to explain a little more about what I feel needs mentioning… yes, I know I am gushing a bit.  Here are just a few reasons why this resonated with me:
The characters speak naturally, down-to-earth and basically quite British in a way I can relate to, which made it really easy for me to really feel what these characters were going through.
Everyone has something to hide, or at least, discover.
I also love how cleverly the author added Heather’s own voice into the story, developing the plot even further, but in a slow, drip, drip way that would save Heather from giving away too much. Heather’s in a coma and therefore unable to reveal anything she knew before she killed these two people, because her mind is fuzzed up with drugs and of course she is on the brink of death . Marvellous! (In a riveting read way…)
On top of that, Jess works as a reporter of a small twice-weekly paper, having been sacked from her previous job which was much better. She needs this story to go well for her to further career. So when she realises that the girl who’s in a coma, an alleged murderer, is her ex-best-friend from school, it’s her perfect chance to show her boss what she is made of! But can she do it? Is she that ruthless? They were after all friends when they were children.
That is until Heather’s sister went missing…
Awesome! I honestly didn’t know if I could handle so much mystery and intrigue! I read this at a super-fast pace!

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