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My first book review of the year! This is in line with my 52 non-fiction books challenge that I am setting myself this year. I will add a list of the books I am currently reading shortly.

Last year I read 75 books!

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The Squiggly Career by Helen Tupper; Sarah Ellis by Portfolio Penguin

I really enjoyed this book! I love how it is reminiscent of a few older style business and career success books (Covey & Tracy spring to mind), but with a fantastic, up-to-date, modern slant! The Squiggly Career fits in with a changing society that no longer views a career as an upward straight career ladder (analogy has lost its usefulness), but a squiggly one! Times have indeed changed and this fresh approach to a tried and tested formula is not only enlightening but encouraging.

I’ve personally had exactly this sort of career, and so has my husband. Gone are the days when we hope that if we work hard we’ll stay in one job for life, and gone are the days of a promotion adding more security. Takeovers, redundancies, there is so much against us. But also, gone are the days of employers looking at your CV and wondering why you had so many jobs, or why you decided on a full-on career change. I used to feel awful looking at my CV thinking it looks like there’s something wrong with me. Now I understand that this is what life is like for a new generation. Several careers in one’s life is to be expected.

From starting a side project, finding a mentor, and achieving work/life balance to building your own personal brand – even demonstrating you’re a leader when you don’t actually have a team – it’s all here.

Overall, this is a practical book that works to assist you in playing to your strengths, and maximising key skills that are transferable, whatever field of work you are in. However squiggly your career progression is, this book is guaranteed to show you how to live through your own values, increase your confidence, and network like a ninja in a way that will shape your ever-changing career for the best. With easy to understand, thought-provoking exercises and some great examples of experiences from others: A timely treat!

Helen and Sarah’s also have a Squiggly Careers podcast – with episodes on happiness at work, productivity, confidence, and interviews with guests like Marie Forleo and Dame Stephanie Shirley.

Thanks to the publisher and #NetGalley for my ARC copy, this is my unbiased honest review of this book – I loved it!


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‘The Squiggly Career is about navigating work in a way that suits you, it’s a timely and brilliant handbook for now’ Stylist

‘Like going one-to-one with a personal career coach, it’s impossible to leave this book without having a massive personal breakthrough’ Bruce Daisley, Vice President, EMEA Twitter and author of The Joy of Work.

‘The Squiggly Career is a brilliant guide. Read it and get the tools you need to thrive in your career now and in the future’ Marie Forleo, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Everything is Figureoutable.


Career ladders and jobs for life are a thing of the past

Today, we’re living in a world of squiggly careers, where moving frequently and fluidly between roles, industries, locations, and even careers, is becoming the new normal. Squiggly careers can feel stressful and overwhelming, but if you know how to make the most of them, they can be full of opportunity, freedom and purpose.

And to make the most of our increasingly squiggly careers we need to answer some important questions: What am I good at? What do I stand for? What motivates and drives me? Where do I want to go in the future?

In The Squiggly Career, you’ll learn how to:

– Play to your super strengths
– Discover your values
– Overcome your confidence gremlins
– Build better support networks
– Explore your future possibilities

Packed with insights about the changing shape of work and inspiration from highly successful people, this book will fuel your growth and help you be happier, and ultimately more successful in your career.

Have you read this book? Does it sound like one you’d like to read?

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  1. This book sounds like a very useful one to someone early in their career, or even mid-career. I wish it had been out when I was working. I will recommend it to my friends who are still working.

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