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Happy Sunday Funday!

SundayWrapIt’s Sunday Post time!  This is hosted by the lovely Caffeinated Book Reviewer and gives us all a chance to recap our week.

My week (actually my last two weeks) have been full of frustration, high anxiety and hair-pulling stress on account of my internet’s connection dropping off intermittently. And when I say that, last Tuesday, and Thursday I had no internet access at all. I usually find that if I get up really early and start then it’s fine and over the course of the morning it deteriorates. By the time the afternoon comes I’m lucky if I can load up a page on my browser, let alone get any work done. Thank you Virgin Media for your super, high-powered (and quite expensive) Vivid 350 Optical Fibre, here’s how you make me feel…

My Sunday angry face caused my virgin media!

Seriously, I’ve been told it’s my computers and the amount of items I have connected to the internet that is causing it, not Virgin, but hang on a minute, NOTHING has changed here, except for the fact that the internet service provider’s service has stopped working, right? And who doesn’t have numerous gadgets sucking up their WiFi, this day-and-age?

+ On a positive note, (as I always like to find something positive to counteract the hideousness of what is going on lol), it’s not dropping off and staying off as frequently, so something IS improving.

+ I’ve discovered that when I’m on my phone via data, I can access my local village’s own Facebook group and heck, they DO know what is going on! I even discovered that it wasn’t just me coping with these internet issues after all.

+ I’m back to getting up REALLY early in the mornings in order to get my work done as quick as possible. I’m not a natural early riser, and I can sleep for England – once I’m asleep nothing will wake me up (unless it’s my husband holding my nose because I am snoring!) Yes, he does that sometimes lol . Don’t judge. I’ve used one of those sleep apps to see just how much I snore and believe me, when I’m on a roll, I can make the walls rattle!

+ I’ve been able to get a bit more reading in (since I’ve trained myself to pick up a book to read as a page on my browser loads)…

+ My dog is still alive and plodding along (albeit slowly) and no longer suffering the pain she was before her operation. So that was a success!

+ I’ve discovered there is a new bookish cafe )with internet) not far from where I live and I’m really keen to check it out. I’ll keep you posted when I do, as I’m really excited to visit and will be armed with my camera on the day!

+ It’s a lovely, long Bank Holiday weekend! Yep, don’t you just love May and the amount of Bank Holiday Monday’s we cram in?

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Last week here on I am really pleased to say we had a lot of people popping in! Here are a few links I’d like to share in case you missed them…

A Tory-gory-story!
A Tory Gory Story! Sorry I can’t credit the person for this pic, it’s not mine, I just borrowed it back in 2017… 

I celebrated Star Wars day and dabbled in politics! Yes, they do intermingle lol

An entertaining interview with Liz Freeland, with her plucky protagonist, murder mystery in an exciting turn of the century New York City setting!

The welcome return of ‘What’s on your desk, Wednesday?’ where we have a poke around what’s on an author’s desk and grill them about it. This time it was author Hywela Lyn‘s turn, brave Toblerone-eating woman!

A blog tour and heartfelt guest post written by the lovely Rob Ashman who writes for Bloodhound Books!

An exciting interview with NYT Bestselling author Max Allan Collins about who is the ‘Girl Most Likely’.

A book trailer and ‘Music Monday’ interview featuring the awesome author Amy Romine!

and an interview with NYT Bestsellers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, the creators of the TV series, “Smallville,” about their latest book Double Exposure!

What’s your week been like? I do hope it’s been good! Here’s to a wonderful, bookish week ahead for all of us.


Luv Sassy x


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7 thoughts on “The Sassy Sunday Wrap Up Post #swup #SundayFunday ~ Things can only get better!

  1. Internet problems are the pits, we just reply on it so much nowadays. The bookish cafe sounds like a lovely place to get away from it all, and yay they have internet too! And lol that at least you are getting more reading time while your internet stalls 😀

  2. Yeah for May and bank holidays! I’m loving it!
    I also love village FB pages… I swear the village mafias could rule the freaking world. There is nothing they can’t get to the bottom of… My local groups are legend.
    Fingers crossed that this week things are better for you!

  3. I find there are few things as aggravating to me as Internet issues lol. Especially with a blog that I feel compelled to waste time on every day haha! Seriously though- I get it, and I hope the situation improves!

    I hope your dog continues to do well also!

  4. You have my profound sympathy with your internet issues. I can’t think of anything that would make me more frustrated, either… About the snoring – do get it checked out. Himself used to snore for England – and then we found he had severe sleep apnea. The side effects were really messing up his life and didn’t become apparent until he got successfully treated:)).

  5. It’s always nice to find that other’s are having similar problems and can validate you. I hope the connection continues to improve. I always feel lost without my internet. It keeps dropping on my phone and rives me nuts. What good is a cell phone if you can’t use it.

  6. Wow, having your computer or internet not working is bad. I also use data on my phone because my plan is really old and includes unlimited data. I hope it improves or that you enjoy checking out the cafe in the interim. Have a lovely weekend.

    Anne – Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

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