The Sassy Sunday Story Starter (Writing Prompt)

I’m a little late uploading today’s feature, as I was merrily decorating the Christmas tree, singing Christmas carols and generally getting into the festive spirit, when I remembered I hadn’t published this post… 

For all you authors and aspiring writers out there, here is the Sassy Sunday Story Starter, brought to you by author Bill Cady

“I probably should’ve killed her.”

That’s the first line of Bill’s book: What’s Love Got To Do With It?  

Ben Dover, once homeless now multimillionaire, meets Yoki, who’s a nightmare, and gets murdered with his gun. The gun’s found on a drug dealer he slapped around. He has no alibi. Hounded by cops, the other conflict is a teen Mexicana. The girl, Fancy, finds a tape to prove who the killer was. At the arrest, Ben and Fancy get in a gun battle & Ben’s a hero. Fancy saves Ben ’cause he’s her guy. 

Category: Fiction » Mystery & Detective » Police Procedural

Bio: Born December 128th, 1948 in Lansing, Michigan. Moved to San Diego 1990.
Two years in Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia as a pool hustler and semipro heavyweight boxer.

Co-owner of a long haul trucking company in the 80s.
Homeless 4 years, 4 months & 28 days 17 JAN 05 – 29 MAY 09 due to depression at the death of my Irish Wolfhound.

Robbed by on-duty Rosarito Beach, Mexico, police officer during a trip to Mexico. The cop committed suicide in his patrol unit after I made my ID.

Enrolled in college to ‘avoid the draft’, although I had 57 medical deferments and my lottery number was 334.

Owned an agency 39 years selling millions of dollars of life insurance by phone.
My web page is:, and I publish a blog on behalf of the homeless at:

Sold cars mid 70s; head mechanic of a drag racing team and drove a ‘66 Chevelle SS … 540 hp … 10.13/138 mph ¼ mile, beat the 1969 National Record for Super Stock ‘D’ at an unsanctioned meet.

Drove a laundry truck as a teenager, then delivered auto parts, was an employment counselor, worked as a bouncer in sleazy bars and as a bodyguard on occasion.
Married four times, 24 years, but I did it in shifts averaging six years apiece.
Unmarried at my request four times, managed to kick that habit in 1999 and don’t intend to revisit it again.

Six kids, ages 43 – 32; two adopted, one procreative, three stepchildren; three boys, three girls, two of each. Became a convicted felon in February, 2010 for past due child support … the “child” is a 32-year-old homosexual estranged from me since 1990.

Still smoke Winston 100s, look sorta cute whenever I cough, don’t drink much anymore, but still provide the occasional cuss word when/where appropriate.
Politically conservative, known as a “Repubendent”.
Currently writing novels and freelancing as jobs are made available. 

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