The Pax Integral : Provoking Thought (the Muse)

By Amy Romine

I recently read a blog on a The Pax Integral (awesome title, makes me think of banana’s), about inspiration and where it comes from. The blog is entitled Provoking Thought and it got me thinking…go figure…

I am a bit of a romantic so I am going to say ‘Provoking the Muse’. This is something that differs from artist to artist. For some it is a beautiful setting, others a poem, or passionate speech. Inspiration for a novel, a character or a piece of dialog can come from so many different sources it would take years to document.
For me it usually starts with music. Either the melody, the emotion of a voice or a tangle of words. On that note, as I explore this thought, I gain inspiration from the things I love. Music, movies, great TV, awesome banter with a group of friends, a passionate argument, laughing until I cry. It will also come with a setting sun, a beautiful flower arrangement or the smile of a child.

All very cliche but the truth. Now each of these doesn’t give me an entire novel (unlike the legend Stephen King who can stay at a creepy hotel and write a best seller in a weekend) It will give me a slice of what I need. A piece of the puzzle. One of the reasons I picked music as a main source of inspiration is that I see the scenes of my story in my head. The music provides the background.

Thousands of images will roll through my head and then I will latch onto one, then another and another until the framework for my next novel starts to develop. It is an endless process with limitless possibilities. A journey mixed with inspiration, imagination and hard work.
You can be provoked, inspired, roused, exhilarated and or influenced with magnificence. Inspiration is available to all. What we do with it is up to us. My calling is to write. My muse insists it, encourages it with daily pieces of brilliance.
Ah, so many stories, so little time!
Find your muse and embrace her with your whole heart. She will guide you on an incredible journey, be prepared to hang on for the ride of your life!


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