The #KINDLE treasure hunt continues… with The Death of an American Nazi!

Holiday Hat #11 /19– Hunt for the Treasure, Tim Fleming!
12thDecember 2011 – Monday
Today we pay Tim Fleming a visit to his blog:

Daily prize – For today’s prize we visit Tim’s blog for a chance to win his book, ‘Murder of an American Nazi’. To enter ‘Like us’ on Facebookand leave a comment with your email address (or a way of contacting you) on Tim’s blog. Thank you!  
You have until Dec 22nd to leave a comment for a chance to win his individual prize. 

Kindle competition – Hat No.11/19 – Find where the 11h ‘Holiday Hat’ book cover is hiding and make a note of the ur. Save it for later! You know the drill. 🙂 
This is just an example of our ‘Holiday Hat’ book cover. This does not have a number and is not included in the treasure hunt.
You have until Christmas day (25th Dec) to send me, Sassy Brit, all your answers – the urls showing where you found the ‘Holiday (book cover) Hat Treasure’. Find as many as you can! 
About the book up for grabs:
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Ex-homicide detective Don Hayes is haunted by his one unsolved case, the murder of ex-Nazi/CIA operative Walter Dornberger. Dornberger’s corpse disappears before Hayes can begin the investigation, but the tough cop won’t let go, even after he leaves the police force. As he uncovers the truth of who Dornberger really was, the trail leads on a heart-pounding journey through Nazi-occupied France in World War II, the German death camps, foreign coup d’etats, lethal Cold War espionage, the JFK assassination, and revolution in central America. One of Hayes’ suspects turns out to be a concentration camp refugee, Hannah Kanermann, whose mother and brother were brutalized by Dornberger during the war. When Hannah discovers that the CIA helped Dornberger escape prosecution for war crimes and arranged for his safe passage to the U.S., she turns the tables on Dornberger, his Nazi cronies, and their CIA protectors.  


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