The #KINDLE treasure hunt continues… with an Escape Clause

Find the Holiday Hat #9 /19 – with Kit St. Germain — 8th December 2011 – Thursday

Daily prize – For today’s prize –two copies of Kit’s book ‘Escape Clause‘ is on offer. To enter please ‘Like us’ on Facebook and leave a comment here on this blog in the comments section below from now to December 22nd, for a chance to win. Just make sure you leave your contact information.
To find the holiday hat #9 you will need to take a visit to our Facebook page – find the url and save it somewhere safe! Yes, number 9 is on Facebook not Kit’s blog!

Details of the prize – Escape Clause:
From the minds of award-winning storytellers and rising stars in the field of speculative literature, we bring you Escape Clause, the Anthology: twenty-six short pieces of imagination and wonder.

A new Venice ‘snipe’ is commissioned to stop a  statue that has become sentient:

– Is it dangerous, Sir?
– Oh, I should think not.  Just don’t let the pigeons get too near.

An overweight teen stranded at fat camp, notices his fellow inmates going missing. And it’s not mere weight loss.

During a flood, a farmer finds that his land has become an island. Then things come out of the water, searching for higher ground…

A body-builder finds a painting, and does the right thing, returning it to the artist who lost it. But is it the really right thing?

A newly dead man is tasked with cultivating the sorrows of the living.

A ghoul proves that you don’t have to have a mind of your own to know right from not quite right.

A soldiers tries to thwart a prophecy that someone will steal his one true love.

Curios and Oddities await your turn of the page in this collection of short fiction. Tales as diverse as our international writers will take you from Egypt to outer space with a few stops on and off the map. If magic and mystery and solid genre writing appeal, this is the book for you. I am thrilled to introduce you to the people who are bound to become some of your favorite authors.

This change of tour date is due to Kit unexpectedly being unable to participate in the tour. Apologies for any inconvenience caused! 


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