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First I’m really happy to share with you author Tessa Dare’s desk and writing routine as part of my ‘What’s on your desk, Wednesday?‘ weekly spotlight feature!

From the Desk of Tessa Dare

What is your writing routine?

I have a very mobile writing set-up, often travelling or writing in different parts of my house and as such I don’t have as firm an ‘office’ or process for writing as a result – it’s much more fluid than many.  I’ve got a mobile office kit, and write in a lot of a Moleskine notebooks, which I collect in all colours and designs, plus a plethora of pens, post-it notes, and always a caffeinated beverage!

There is often a cat lurking in the background of my writing set-up, as you can see in the picture of my bookcases.

Thank you!!

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Here is my review:

The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Right, let’s get started!! (I know, this is just my excuse for getting some Dean into a totally unrelated historical romance review, but shush! Keep it under your hat…)

I’m reviewing The Duchess Deal: Girl Meets Duke, by Tessa Dare. Here are my thoughts:

^^ Returning from the war, scarred Duke of Ashbury decides he needs an heir, but that would mean a wife and she’d have to look upon his beastly war wounds, which would never do. So when he sets his sights on the vicar’s daughter Emma Gladstone and proposes a marriage of convenience deal, he begins to put some rules into place to protect her (or maybe himself) from seeing his disfigured body.

^^ But Emma is no fool, and insists on some rules of her own. She can see that beneath the scars, bad temper and his awfully stubborn ways, he’s quite simply just a lonely man needing companionship, and no different to her. Surely beauty is only skin deep and there’s much more to him than outward appearances.

^^ Oh, what a lovely story this is. Yes, on the surface this is what I’d call a sweet romance; a poor girl meets rich Duke love story. But deep down, below the surface of the title and cover, I uncovered some hidden gems. It’s a story of two lost souls trying to make the best of what they feel they have left to offer.

^^ The Duke is a great character, and yes, he does have his faults, and I’m not talking his appearance, but can he really be blamed after what he’s been through? The war has left the Duke scarred, physically and mentally. He may be a hero on the battlefield, but with his scars on show he’s found himself to be rather intimidating to others; children scream, dogs howl, honestly, if no one can bear to look at him, how is he ever going to produce an heir?

^^ Then we meet Emma, wise before her years, and not a woman to be messed around. But if that’s so, why would Emma choose to go into a loveless marriage with a man who only wants her for an heir? He’s already made it totally clear they’ll never have to sleep in the same bed ever again after their child is born. What on earth could possibly be in it for her? Well, maybe deep down, Emma’s not so confident after all. Perhaps, this wealthy Duke may be her last chance to have a child, and gain some security into her life. After all, if her father said “No decent man would ever want you!” as he banished her from their house, then maybe there’s some truth to it?

^^ I found myself thinking this is very much a charming Beauty and the Beast story. The way Emma and Ash get to know each other is both realistic and so endearing. This has some cracking dialogue with several laugh out loud moments, which made this such an enjoyable, fast read. I can’t wait to read more like this from Mills and Boon.

^^ Oh and I nearly forgot. It’s got it’s sexy bits in it too, and they are totally fitting and in line with this time period. What did make me smile, (and I thought it was a nice touch) was how, at the beginning of the book, there is a lovely dedication from the author (also once a vicar’s daughter) thanking her dad for being nothing like her character Emma’s father. Tessa Dare also mentions which chapters her father should miss out when reading. Don’t you realise that these pages will be where everyone visits first? 😉

Overall: This is a charming Beauty and the Beast story, about love, honesty and mistakingly becoming the Monster of Mayfair! (Hilarious).

Thank you to Tessa Dare and Mills and Boon for my copy of this book, of which I received in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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