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We are delighted to bring you news of this fantasy series Mara of the League! We start with a guest post, followed by a book tour and giveaway with Silver Dagger Books.


Today we are sharing a book excerpt from

Book 1,  The Witches of Crannock Dale



Mamma herded me to my bedroom. “You go in and close the door.” She looked down the corridor toward the parlor and then back at me. “We are not finished here, do you understand? We are going to talk about this later, and when your father comes back, we are talking about it with him too. Do you understand me?”

I nodded, and Mamma went back to the parlor. Once she was gone, I went in and closed the door, just as I’d been bid. Then I saw something which made me feel as if my heart was going to stop. My cat Maxwell had found the secret letter. He lay on his back on my desk, chomping it, using his forepaws to keep the crescent-shaped remains in front of his mouth as if he were eating a slice of melon.

The room was quiet, but I felt as if I could hear a waterfall roaring in my head. Maxwell had gotten me in a lot of trouble, but it’s no use scolding a cat, so I picked him up, cradled him against my chest and rocked him. “Maxie, Maxie, Maxie, I wish you hadn’t done that. Now people are going to get killed.”

Maxwell put his chin on my shoulder and purred.




The Witches of Crannock Dale

Mara of the League Book 1

by Thomas M. Kane

Genre: Fantasy


When an enemy army threatens eleven-year old Mara’s home, she makes up her mind to save her family, one way or another. But when the knights protecting her village arrest her favorite aunt for witchcraft, she discovers that the difference between friend and foe may not be as obvious as she once thought.

This is a story of war and espionage, set in a low fantasy world. It is also about a child getting to know her mother and father in a new way.


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The Rebels of Caer City

Mara of the League Book 2


Throughout five years at a strict boarding school, Mara has turned to her friend Annie-Rose for comfort. Now Annie has disappeared. Mara teams up with two other students – bold Gretchen and soft-spoken Ginny — to find her missing friend. Together, Mara, Gretchen and Ginny take on a conspiracy involving some of the most dangerous people in their world.


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The Hideous Garden

Mara of the League Book 3


After surviving a fiery assassination attempt, the League’s honorable new ruler resolves to end a twenty-five-year war. Mara, now director of the League’s spy service, warns that he is walking into a trap. As Mara argues for increasingly ruthless policies, she must ask herself whether she likes the person she has become.

This is a story of intrigue and military strategy, set in a low fantasy world. It is also a story of a political marriage which could be more.


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The Rending of the World

Mara of the League Book 4


Give me the summer and I will give you the continent.”
–Un-Jargal Boyan, Supreme Commander of the Waanling Host

Chief spy Mara Bennet’s worst fears come true when the Commonwealth of Waan invades her homeland. To complicate matters, Mara and her country’s ruler are stranded in a remote northern realm. The two of them must outrun enemy warships on a perilous sea voyage home. Meanwhile fourteen-year-old Princess Deborah finds herself unexpectedly on the throne.

Can Deborah learn to rule in the midst of treachery? Can Mara use her strategic skills to turn back the Waanling onslaught? Will pillaging armies reduce the land to famine? Find out in The Rending of the World.

Rendingfeatures seven maps detailing battle plans and troop movements. Its author has eighteen years experience teaching strategic studies at university level. He has published eight non-fiction books on international relations and war.


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Thomas M. Kane is a fantasy author living high on a wooded hilltop. He taught international relations at a British university for close to twenty years and brings his insights concerning real-life war and politics into his fiction. He takes a character-based approach to writing, paying attention to his protagonists’ personal relationships and inner lives.


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  1. Thank you for sharing the author;s guest post and book series details, these sound like wonderful stories and I am looking forward to reading them

    1. Deeply honored by your kind words! So glad to share! I really hope you enjoy the books. Also, if you like my writing, I’d be honored to send you my free newsletter. It contains new articles and other content every month, and you can get it through my website

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    Thomas, Mara of the League sounds like a thrilling series to read and I like the covers! Thanks for sharing it with me! Thanks for sharing them with me and have a wonderful holiday season!

    1. Deeply honored by your kind words! Appreciate your comment on the covers, too — I am really happy to be working with artist Robin Birrell on those. So glad to share. Hope you have wonderful holidays too!

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