The Balance Plan: Six Steps to Optimize Your Hormonal Health by Angelique Panagos #REVIEW #NonFictionNov



The Balance Plan: Six Steps to Optimize Your Hormonal Health

“I can’t function without coffee”
“I need my daily fix of chocolate”
“I look puffy and retain fluid easily”
“I’m hungrier than I used to be but never feel satisfied”
“I struggle to lose weight no matter what I try”
Sound familiar?

These are complaints that nutritionist Angelique Panagos hears every day. Time and timeagain, they’re caused by the same thing – hormonal imbalance.

The Balance Plan explains how to tune in to your hormones and make the changes necessary to bring them into balance. Take the six steps, follow the 28-day plan and transform your life!


The Balance Plan: Six Steps to Optimize Your Hormonal HealthThe Balance Plan: Six Steps to Optimize Your Hormonal Health by Angelique Panagos

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Nourishment not Deprivation!

Have you ever thought you struggle to lose weight even when you don’t eat properly? What about not being able to live without your tea, coffee or chocolate fix on a daily basis? Are you always saying how exhausted you are?

More than likely you have said something along these lines, but did you know that these complaints are often down to a hormonal imbalance?

The Balance Plan 
by Angelique Panagos tackles how to deal with all those issues and more, whilst offering practical advice, and suggestions for overcoming things like always feeling hungry but never feeling satisfied, or constantly feeling bloated.

Split up into four parts there are recipes, meal plans and full on explanations about how to optimise your hormonal health. To achieve this Angelique has created a six-step method (the six pillars of balance) which include; nourish (eating correctly), balance (stabilising ourselves by planning ahead), nurture (looking after ourselves), cleanse (cleansing our bodies), move (exercises) and restore (pampering).

In addition we hear about how hormones work and what exactly they are, through “The Sassy Six” and how to recognise what is happening to our bodies. From PMS, toxins, to stress and the menopause — major transitions in a woman’s life — it’s all covered.

This is an empowering book which highlights how we should celebrate our feminine cycle, by learning to understand and support our hormonal balance through a journey of gentle consistent lifestyle changes. Yeah, I know that sounds a bit hippy-ish, but it’s not at all. The Balance Plan helps to show us how we don’t need to reach for the pills for a quick fix, only to gloss over what is really happening to our bodies.

This is a thoroughly educational read, that should be on every woman’s bookshelf. Imagine if you can sleep better, enhance digestion, elevate energy levels, lose weight, reduce stress and feel happier. This book plans to help you do just that!

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  1. I have all of those issues and more. I went to a doctor and it turned out my Thyroid was way out of whack. I use supplements and herbs for my hormonal issues too. I thought after I went through my change it would all be gone for good. Nope, It came back. I bet I’d find some helpful tips in this book.

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